Curls and red lips lotd

I am so happy it’s Friday plus it’s a long weekend! 😃 My hair is cooperating today and I’m super tired so red lipstick definitely perks up my entire face and adds some brightness. 

I am wearing Como la flor from MAC Selena collection. Still loving this red. It seems to have a bit of gold shimmer to it but it’s not frosty by any means. 

The rest of my face is pretty simple with just some eyeliner and mascara.  

What have you guys got planned for the wknd? 

Oh and do check out my youtube channel! I’ll have a curly hair routine up a little later .  


Nina xo 

About the other day…

Hello gorgeous people! it’s been absolutely crazy busy the past month as I was moving….something I hope I do not have to do again for a long time. I hate moving with a passion. I haven’t worn make up or even brushed my hair lol as I simply still am unpacked and don’t know where anything is!!! But this week I was asked if I am sick since my face looks different ….rude, right? so I figured it’s time I start looking human again.
Here is a look I did a few days ago. 

And I love what no hair dye has done to my curls!  my hair is healthy again. 
The other day I almost dyed it because all the shades I have underneath are starting to show slowly and it’s driving me nuts but better to have healthy hair than dope colour and fried frizzy mess with stringy curls. 

Miss you all  

Nina xo 

I believe in pink

Said Audrey Hepburn….. 
I have been mainly wearing neutral and  earth tones lately.  My go to lipstick had been various shades of brown and taupe colours as well as my eye shadows but I decided to change it up a little with this pink look.  

This pink eye shadow is from my BH cosmetics palette (blanking on the name now) but I really love it because I feel it’s perfect for brown eyes. It really makes them pop!

I also have a touch of white shimmer in inner corners. 
On my lips is NYX Merengue lip gloss which will forever be one of my favourites. 

I have been neglecting my blog yet again because I am in the process of moving so with purging and packing I’ve been so busy. 

I cannot wait to finally move in and set up everything and go nuts with home decor. I also am so happy to move in before thr holidays because finally I get to have my white Christmas Tree !!!! 
Nina xo 

Fri-daze MOTD

Happy Friday! It’s Labour day here so I’m looking forward to the long weekend. I have been meaning to straighten my hair for a while now and finally got around to doing it. I mean you might be wondering what the big deal is, but straightening my hair is a long and tedious process which I get annoyed and tired half way through. I also try not to do it as it’s not the best thing for my already damaged hair. 

But here we go….

I also trimmed it a bit. Not that it matters because the chemical damage from years of abuse prevents my hair from frowning past my bra strap. 

Lips: I’ve mixed Gerard cosmetics Enchante and Coffee Bean lipglosses. I actually like this combo. 

I’ve also ordered Glow Glam sunglasses and I’m hoping they arrive today. Have you guys seen these? There are different styles but these are the ones I got in pink. 

Nina xo 

Dark glam

Hello loves! I hope everyone has had a great week. I don’t know about you but I normally associate dark, deep lip colours with fall/winter time. Summer is for bright and loud colours. But I find myself this summer reaching for dark lippies a lot! 

So I went out last Saturday as it was Caribana weekend in Toronto. And this was my hair/make up look. 

I feel so gothic lol with my freshly dyed black hair and dark make up look. 

I love this lippie. It’s black cherry tart intense butter gloss by NYX. This colour is everything and I already know I’ll be rocking this a lot come fall. 

I think these intense butter glosses by NYX are amazing. They are so shiny and feel great on the lips. And they also stay on long. 

Nina xo 

Back to black 

I have changed my hair 4 times in the past 6 months! I am so impulsive with my hair and always been. After being red and wanting to go ombré with blonde and brown tones and getting there I just dyed it black. So all that bleaching was for nothing! Ahhh will I ever learn? 

Anyway I love jet black hair. It’s simple but exotic. And for me, having naturally dark brown hair, black is easy to maintain and once the roots starts showing its not a huge deal. 

Now I’m doing masks and treatments as my curls have relaxed once again. But that’s fine I’ll get them back. 

I am looking so forward to the long weekend. 

Love you guys!
Nina xo 

💙 fotd

Have you noticed that lately my make up looks have been getting more and more simplified? That’s because it’s humid and sticky and who wants to wear make up when it’s like that and worry about it sliding down your face? Not I. 

Highlight is poppin if I may say so myself lol

Eyes: Kat Von D Tattoo eyeliner / Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara

Face: Bobbi Brown liquid foundation in Warm Beige / Colourpop highlighter in Wisp

Lips: Gerard Cosmetics Enchante lipstick 

A lot of you ask me what lashes I wear. Honestly, they aren’t a fancy brand, they are simple lashes from dollar store for $3. Yup! 
Nina xo

Lilac flush FOTD

I hope everyone’s had an amazing long weekend! I can honestly say I got some good rest and relaxation. I’ll share a few pics from cottage life but before all that, here’s a look from back to work life. 

Purple is my favourite colour and I love pastels so this lipstick is definitely one of my faves. It’s Lilac Flush by Maybelline. 

I think when I wear anything pastel, whether it’s make up or clothing, I need to be a little tanned. Otherwise it really doesn’t look nice. 
The rest of the make up details:

Face: Vichy dermablend foundation/ MAC warm soul blush

Eyes: Dior purple revolution eyeshadow palette/ Marc Jacobs gel liner/ Tarte Camera Lights Lashes mascara

Eyebrows: Anastasia dip brow pomade in chocolate brown. 

I had the best boat ride ever!

Amazing view from the cottage 


So gorgeous. I could live there! 
Nina xo 

Rainy mornings fotd

Good morning beautiful people! It’s raining so hard this morning in Toronto and it’s so cold but I put away all my warm stuff and refuse to take it back out so I am currently freezing !

Rain and curly hair equals frizz so it’s a bun day but that’s what I love about curls no matter what you always have a hair style. 

Eyes: Marc Jacobs gel eyeliner/smashbox full exposure mascara

Face: Make up Forever HD foundation/ Hardcandy tiki highlighter

Lips: cocoa bean lipgloss by Gerard cosmetics 

I am looking to change my hair colour but what else is new, right? But my hair has been curling so nice lately and I’m afraid to damage it but I need a different hair colour for summer! 
Hope everyone has an amazing Tuesday. 

Nina xo

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