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About the other day…

Hello gorgeous people! it’s been absolutely crazy busy the past month as I was moving….something I hope I do not have to do again for a long time. I hate moving with a passion. I haven’t worn make up or even brushed my hair lol as I simply still am unpacked and don’t know where anything is!!! But this week I was asked if I am sick since my face looks different ….rude, right? so I figured it’s time I start looking human again.
Here is a look I did a few days ago. 

And I love what no hair dye has done to my curls!  my hair is healthy again. 
The other day I almost dyed it because all the shades I have underneath are starting to show slowly and it’s driving me nuts but better to have healthy hair than dope colour and fried frizzy mess with stringy curls. 

Miss you all  

Nina xo 

I am back! (FOTD)


Hello beautiful people! I haven’t posted or done much of anything else for the past week and a half or so because I was so sick with the flu. I have never been this sick in my life.ย  I am now 80% better and have a feeling the other 20% will be a slow process. Today is my first official day back at work so here I am ๐Ÿ™‚


I have been pretty much bed ridden and make up and fashion was the last thing on my mind. I’ve placed an order with Gerard Cosmetics about 3 weeks ago so when it finally arrived a few days ago it definitely brightened up my spirits.


I will do a full review of the products I got as well as my experience with ordering from Gerard Cosmetics so I won’t go into too much detail here.


Today I am wearing one of its lip glosses in Cocoa Bean and I must say I love it. I wasn’t sure if this shade would suit me but I really like it.


I still don’t have much energy so eyeliner, lashes and some highlighter is all I could manage.


I hope everyone is healthy. It’s the flu season I get it but here in Toronto it’s been really bad. I mean everyone I speak with almost is sick. This flu was no joke. The way my throat hurt was something out of this world on top of all the other aches I felt.


Stay healthy !!


Much love

Nina xo

Holiday glam FOTD


This past Saturday I attended a Christmas party and so it was a great opportunity to really go out with my make up. I normally either accentuate my eyes and keep lips more simple shades or the other way around. But for such event, why not do both?

I recently purchased the Naked 2 palette which I am loving. I am not too into shimmery eyeshadows which is why I haven’t purchased it when all the hype initially started about this palette but I must say, I love it.


So for my eyes, I used the Naked 2 palette/ MAC pro longwear paint pot /Too Faced Better than Sex mascara/ Anastasia dip brow pomade in dark brown for eyebrows

Face: Make Up Forever HD foundation / Colourpop Wisp highlighter – which by the way I love this golden champagne glow!

Lips: Wet N Wild Sugar Plum Fairy


I also cut my hair off,ย  about 3 inches as the ends were really frustrating me as all of a sudden they were just strandy and gross looking and refusing to curl. So I just chopped it off… I was upset right after lol because it seemed so short but at least it’s curling now and I am shedding less lol

I will never learn. I do all these things with my hair on an impulse and somehow it always seems to work out in the end but one of these days I’ll end up bald!!! Ahh there are always wigs right?


I am going to do a separate post of my outfit of the night, which was nothing fancy but it worked ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you all had a lovely weekend my loves. โค


Nina xo

FOTD:Low buns and bold lips


I forgot how much I love this lipstick. I cleaned up my lipstick collection and discovered a whole bunch of lippies that I forgot I even had. This is Vixen by BH Cosmetics.


I love BH Cosmetics products especially their creme luxe lipsticks. They are highly pigmented, creamy and feel great on the lips. I have quite a few and I love them all. Great texture and goes on smoothly. Oh and last all day.


This is a gorgeous bold fuchsia/ purple shade. It’s a bright lip but I feel it’s all season appropriate.


I hope your week got off to a good start. I am already waiting for mine to end and it’s only Tuesday ๐Ÿ™‚


Have you tried any BH Cosmetics products? What do you think?



Doing my friend Brandy’s make up!

IMG_5943First of all – thank you Brandy for allowing me to do your make up girl! It was fun and I want to play again! lol Anyway, Brandy prefers more subtle eye make up so taking that into consideration and her pretty eye colour, I knew I wanted to play with gold and bronze tones. They made her eyes pop so much more !


We actually went on a boat cruise party together so I wanted to make her face glow with highlighter and bronzers! That’s what this look was all about – making her glow! and that we did.


I used GOSH giant sun bronzer as well as Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer.

Eyes – Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate palette / Lips – Smashbox Be Legendary lipstick

IMG_5945How pretty are her eyes? And I envy her long natural lashes!

We kept it subtle for this look while still bringing out her eyes and rockin a bold lip.

We had a great time that night with some minor disruptions ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  lova ya girl!


Nina xo

Red lips give me life! (FOTD)

IMG_5471One of my favourite and go to looks is winged eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick…. oh and a bit of bronzer too. I love this look. I think it’s timeless, and suitable for any situation, and anyone can wear it!


I know that not everyone feels like they can pull off red lipstick and many ladies stay away from it but really, yes you can! You just have to find the shades that suit your skin tone and rock it!

I used to think I look funny when I wear red lipstick. So I would put it on and just before I leave the house wipe it off. Until one day I said screw it and went through with it and it’s strange because wearing red lipstick gives you such confidence boost and you feel so feminine and sexy.


I have quite a collection right now. The one I am wearing today, is by Revlon. Funny thing, the name is Love That Pink but it’s not really pink at all. It’s a really bright coral leaning towards orange/red. It’s super creamy and feels great on the lips.

love-that-pink-435This week already seems awfully long. It is dreadful. Summer is coming to an end and before you know it no more skirts and pretty dresses, bright tones and all that fun stuff. I really do love fall but here in Toronto it seems to skip us and go straight to blizzard weather and -40C yet I still hope every year, as I love fall fashion.

Have a lovely day beauties.

Nina xo

What is strobing? Contouring for lazy girls??? :)


Hello all you beautiful people. I know I said last time that I would go back to my regular posting and I meant to keep my word however I have been really stressed and tired and didn’t have it in me. I plan to make good on my word this time around. So what is strobing? Well it is using only a highlighter to accentuate your facial features without the full out contouring technique.

Who really has time to contour their face every single day? Or every morning while getting ready for work or school? Not I.
This is where strobing comes in.


It is a relatively new make up trend but I am pretty sure a lot of us have been doing it before it even got this name. I know I have. You can go all out and really make that highlighter pop or you can be more subtle with it and make it natural like I have here. It’s only because it’s during the day and I am the office but at nighttime I would definitely go a little more intense.

You are only really working with a highlighter, no bronzers and blush or any heavy and dark tones. You are simply applying the highlighter to your cheeks, nose, above and below lip, brow bone and sides of eyes. It creates a really pretty yet subtle illuminating glow. I love it. It gives my face life, brightness and I don’t even care to put any other make up on my face.


It’s simple and quick. In 2.5 secs literally I am ready to go. This is a great technique that leaves your face looking fresh and lightweight without the heavy look that contouring often times can create.

In this look today, I am only have some mascara and lipstick. But with the highlighter and strobing my face looks smooth and flawless if I can say so myself.

For this particular look I have used Wet n Wild Blush and Glow trio but only the pearl pink shade.

20150420_140547-01Have you guys heard of strobing and do you use this technique? Let me know!

Nina xo

Tightlining your eyes (what is it and how to do it)

IMG_4999This is not something new but in my opinion it is also not something that’s widely known. But it’s one of those make up tricks that you need to know and once you learn it, you won’t be able to do your eyes without it. So what is tightlining?
Tightlining is applying your eyeliner to your top waterline, so lining the inside of your top lashline. This is not something you would normally think to do unless you know about it ( I know I didn’t) but now I am hooked.

It makes your eyes appear bigger, brighter, more awake, and lashes fuller and thicker. All with this one little trick. And it’s all because you fill in that white space on the inner top lashline.


Basically when you don’t want to wear eyeliner or mascara but you still want your eyes to pop out and you want to look awake and bright, you can onlyย  tightline your eyes and they will appear as all of the above or if you are really doing your eyes fancy and you are going out at night and need them to stand out, doing this will make them so.

So how to do this:

It does take a little practice and a right pencil but here is a diagram I found online that shows it perfectly

CaptureI love doing this. I think it makes me eyes look much bigger and shapely especially with how tired I’ve been lately. It also gave me confidence to wear more bare looks with just this, mascara and some lipgloss.


Do you guys tightline your eyes? Have you heard of this before? What do you think?

Curls and purple lips

IMG_4620Hey lovlies. It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. I neglected my blog and I feel terrible because I really enjoy blogging and all things beauty. But I am back and ready so here is a look I rocked on the wknd.

My curls have been looking limp since I’ve ombred my hair. So I am struggling with that right now but I am doing coconut oil treatments so should be ok in no time ( I hope so!) lol


I absolutely love this lipstick. It’s perfect for summer and it really stands out. I am wearing two different lipsticks actually.


First, it’s Maybelline Lilac Flush which I adore. I don’t think they carry this in Canada actually. I picked this up when I went to Buffalo from Ulta. It’s a really pretty pastel lilac.


To intensify it, I’ve applied the water flash ligloss which is also a gorgeous almost neon lilac. I think they go great together.


For my eyes, I ‘ve used Maybelline eyeshadow quad in Electric Blue. I’ve used the white and this gorgeous blue shade on my outer crease.



I am also wearing my all time favourite bronzer by Gosh.


Lastly, my pooch has gotten so big but he is 8 pound of full straight terror lol. He is my best friend and the reason for my daily job. Biggie.



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