My curly hair routine


Hey lovely people.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. We are having some great weather here in Toronto which apparently hasn’t been been recorded in 38 years! Anyway, I wanted to share my curly hair routine with you guys, as well as products that I use and live by!


My hair has been doing amazing lately. Curls are back, and healing back very nicely. I am getting back that lively bouncy look! I am loving it!

My hair routine is very simple and straight forward, which is the best way to go about things. There are exceptions of course, as some hair is harder to maintain than other types and textures. It may need a bit more.

Here is my youtube video that shows you better than I can explain!!! Let me know, all my girls with curls, what products you use or some tips and techniques!


Curls and red lips lotd

I am so happy it’s Friday plus it’s a long weekend! 😃 My hair is cooperating today and I’m super tired so red lipstick definitely perks up my entire face and adds some brightness. 

I am wearing Como la flor from MAC Selena collection. Still loving this red. It seems to have a bit of gold shimmer to it but it’s not frosty by any means. 

The rest of my face is pretty simple with just some eyeliner and mascara.  

What have you guys got planned for the wknd? 

Oh and do check out my youtube channel! I’ll have a curly hair routine up a little later .  


Nina xo 

Happy 2017!


Happy New Years everyone! I know I am a few days late but I want to wish everyone an amazing, healthy and successful year ahead.

I didn’t go out to on New Years Eve, just like the previous year and I always feel guilty for not celebrating. In my culture, New Years Eve is a big deal and you must go out and party and be festive, so I grew up always doing these over the top parties. In recent years, I don’t know if I am just old and boring but I don’t feel for it. Plus, it’s cold and everything is expensive and not fun like it used to be.

How did you spend your NYE?

Anyhow, this is one of the first make up looks I did in the new year. I am in love with this purple lipstick by LA Girl. It’s from their matte collection and it’s called Love Triangle.


It’s a really vibrant purple with a blue undertone. (Yes I did change my chokers between pics because the gold one was scratching my neck! lol)

If I can say one thing that I don’t like is that it stains my lips bright pink! Like fuschia. And it stays on for the entire day no matter what.


I picked up a few more of their lipsticks from the same matte collection and I am really happy with all of them. I will go back for more shades.

I also got a few of their lipglosses that I am not happy with at all and a highlighter that is really pretty but doesn’t distribute smoothly.  So maybe I’ll do another blog post as a review.

Have you tried any products from LA Girl Cosmetics?

Until next time! Nina xo

‘Tis the season 

Hello beautiful people! I wish you could see how golden and shiny my sweater is lol I love it. How appropriate for the holiday season, right? 

I did a beer rinse on my hair last night and as usual I love what it does for my curls. If you haven’t seen that post on my blog before, beer rinse serves as the cleanser for your hair.  It removes all the product build up and frees your hair from all the junk. 

I’ve also been loving this coral lipstick and how it makes my face alive cuz I’ve been tired and dull lately 😣
It’s YSL- Extreme Coral. 

What do you have planned for holidays???

Nina xo 

About the other day…

Hello gorgeous people! it’s been absolutely crazy busy the past month as I was moving….something I hope I do not have to do again for a long time. I hate moving with a passion. I haven’t worn make up or even brushed my hair lol as I simply still am unpacked and don’t know where anything is!!! But this week I was asked if I am sick since my face looks different ….rude, right? so I figured it’s time I start looking human again.
Here is a look I did a few days ago. 

And I love what no hair dye has done to my curls!  my hair is healthy again. 
The other day I almost dyed it because all the shades I have underneath are starting to show slowly and it’s driving me nuts but better to have healthy hair than dope colour and fried frizzy mess with stringy curls. 

Miss you all  

Nina xo 

Fresh faced

I trimmed my hair a few days ago myself and my curls became alive instantly.  Due to all the damage I inflicted on my hair through the years my hair doesn’t really grow past my collar bone so when I get an inch or two I hold onto it, dry ends and all lol. But I hate when everything is curly then ends hang straight and dead. So I cut it off and what a difference!

It’s better to have short hair that looks healthy than long hair that looks dry and damaged and hangs like a mop. 

So I love it when my curls cooperate I feel like I don’t even need make up, my face looks just  fine lol

This is one of  my takes on minimum make up and natural look on the go. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Nina XO 

Don’t you love it when you have a good hair day?

I hate it when my curls don’t cooperate. It can literally make me feel so miserable because no matter how long you spend on finessing them they’ll still do their own thing. Yesterday was a good hair day!

I have been using Ouidad leave in conditioner for curly hair as well as their mousse. I love both. I still swear by Shea Moisture products but Ouidad stuff has been working well lately so that’s all I use on my hair. These 2 products. 

My hair got pretty damaged when I changed my colour to lighter but it’s coming back slowly. Of course I have coconut oil to thank to. It’s still a long way to go until it gets back to its natural state but at least it’s not fried and stringy anymore. 

Anyway, another cool thing I’ve discovered for bouncy and light curls is washing my hair with baby shampoo. I know I know. Am I the only one??? 

I randomly tried it a few weeks ago and I love how it makes my hair feel and look. Not to mention it smells amazing. 

My hair just feels so clean and it gets rid of the product build up. Which in return makes my curls feel and look lighter, more alive and bouncy. 

Has anyone done this? Do share! 

Nina xo 

Red lips FOTD


“Don’t let your struggle become your identity”  or at least don’t let it show on your face 🙂 that’s my quote of the day. I have been going through some things lately but the easiest thing to do is let yourself go, and I refuse to do that.


Anyway, love a good red lip. My new favourite red is Jungle Red by NARS. I believe it’s a semi-matte texture. It has a nice creamy velvet texture to it.


It’s just the most perfect red shade. Lasting power is also great in my opinion. I’ve applied it softly in this particular look because I am at work and have to be somewhat subtle but this lipstick is definitely pigmented and can look much more intense.


I’ve kept my eyes simple, lining them softly with the Rimmel London ScandalEyes Khol Eyeliner.

Now, if you know me and been following my blog for a while you know I barely ever wear blush. I am more of a highlight and bronzer girl. I am not big on blush as I feel that combination gives me the look I like but also because of my rosacea my cheeks are forever rosey. But here I’ve applied blush actually as I felt a little pasty today lol


I am wearing Taos by NARS.


I am also having a good hair day today, if I may say so myself lol.


The two NARS products I’ve used :


Nina xo

Keepin it plain (FOTD)

FullSizeRender(7)Today’s look is keeping it plain and simple. I can’t say this enough. It took me a long time to be able to leave my house without make up. Not because I have self image issues I just didn’t think I looked outside ready but I have really come out of that bubble and way of thinking and now all I really need is some bronzer and mascara.


My hair came out good today too because past few days has been a limp mess due to this weird weather. So this is a great time to share that I will be getting my first Deva hair cut today!!!! I am so excited. I will definitely blog about this and I hope that I don’t come out disappointed. Wish me luck.


Face: Vichy Dermablend Foundation / GOSH bronzer/
Eyes: NYC Sky rise Lengthening Mascara
Lips: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Sude in Front Row


By the way, I love this colour of this lipstick. It’s a pretty nude peach but the texture of this lipstick is gross. It feels great when you put it on and in about 15 mins it turns into glue like texture that’s practically impossible to take off your lips. Mind you, it crumbles too so your lips look like you have gum all over them.

Nina xo

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