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Happy Holidays 

Happy Holidays beautiful people! I hope all those who celebrate Christmas had a wonderful past few days and those who don’t still used the holiday season to get together with their loved ones and enjoy the time we have off work anyway lol

My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas in a religious sense but we definitely get together, sing and dance and exchange gifts. 

I’ve always wanted a white tree with just silver and glitter ornaments but white trees are so expensive and I could not justify spending over $200 for something I’d use once a year. However, I found this one at Walmart for much much cheaper and had to get it!

I got all the ornaments from the dollarstore and lights came with the tree. My heart was filled with joy haha 

I just had to share it with you guys!

Merry Christmas from us to you 💟

FOTD – Bringing ’98 back just for a second…

IMG_1051 Who didn’t rock dark brown lipsticks back in the 90’s? Even more so with a dark brown lipliner and all that… Hey Mary J. was my girl and growing up that was “the thing” so yes I did it. I know many things from back in the day are making a come back and I love it. I still feel I need to be more tanned to pull this colour off but it’s something I can definitely get used to! IMG_1031The colour is Styled in Sepia by MAC. I got this lipstick from my friend Brandy cuz she is just sweet like that so if you are reading this – thanks again girl! It’s a really nice chocolate brown shade and it is a matte texture. mac-styled-in-sepia2IMG_1028I must say I like the look overall with my hair pulled up in a bun and eyes done with light earth tones. I think for such lip eyes must stay neutral and pretty simple. IMG_1029I am so happy it is the long weekend as I need some much deserved rest. I don’t have any crazy plans and it’s just the way I like it. I hope everyone has a great long weekend and a Happy Easter!!! IMG_1033sigs

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