Happy Holidays 

Happy Holidays beautiful people! I hope all those who celebrate Christmas had a wonderful past few days and those who don’t still used the holiday season to get together with their loved ones and enjoy the time we have off work anyway lol

My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas in a religious sense but we definitely get together, sing and dance and exchange gifts. 

I’ve always wanted a white tree with just silver and glitter ornaments but white trees are so expensive and I could not justify spending over $200 for something I’d use once a year. However, I found this one at Walmart for much much cheaper and had to get it!

I got all the ornaments from the dollarstore and lights came with the tree. My heart was filled with joy haha 

I just had to share it with you guys!

Merry Christmas from us to you ūüíü

Where the hell have I been? 


Hello all my lovely friends. I have been MIA for quite some time now due to 2 reasons: new job and my health. And the health issue is something I’d like to take a moment and talk about here to bring some awareness to this issue. 
About 3 weeks ago I started a new job which I absolutely love. My new team is great and I am so happy. I am now at Cancer Care Ontario, working as a Coordinator for the Ontario Palliative Care Network. Of course, that left me no time to blog as I dived right into my new role and by the time I’d come home I would be drained. 

Last Friday, while peeing I felt a slight discomfort. Not burning or hurting, just mild discomfort. I thought of UTI right away. I used to get bladder infections as a child and in my early 20s but haven’t had one in 5 years or more. They are so common and you can really get them from anything. It’s so easy. And they’re easily treated too. But so very annoying. However, due to starting my new job I had no time to take off and make a trip to see my doctor. I thought I’ll wait until I can go see her on Wednesday when she works late. Well, she was all booked and by Thursday I was in so much pain. I had insane abdominal cramps and some back ache. So I went to the ER and after waiting for 7 hours I was given antibiotics and told that UTI can spread to your kidneys if left untreated for long and if I come down with a fever, chills or nausea to return. 
Well, literally the next day I came down with all of that plus more. The pain I felt in my back was unbearable. My ribs were sore, I was short of breath, my headache was out of this world and the chills? Oh wow. Those I cannot describe. I was literally shaking like a leaf for hours! I was shivering so hard that my jaw locked and my neck got stuck in one place. So back to ER we went. 
All I expected was to go there and they would give me stronger meds and send me on my way. So it was another 9 hour wait. And they hooked me up to an IV as I was so dehydrated by this time as my fever reached almost 40c.  They said that I definitely had a kidney infection. And how kidney infections can also spread to your blood! When I heard that I went into extreme panic mode. I mean that’s sepsis. You can die from that. But the doctor was optimistic that it didn’t spread to my blood. They pumped me with antibiotics and said in about an hour depending on how I feel I can go home with some meds. 

Well, an hour passed and I wasn’t responding to treatment. At all. So I was admitted to the hospital for more testing. 
I got the dreadful news that even though nobody suspected blood infection, that was actually the reality. It spread from my kidney into my blood and I wasn’t leaving the hospital. Anyhow they began strict treatment and were monitoring me. 

First 2 days were hell. Fever was kicking my ass, so was the headache. It honestly feels like the flu but 10 times worse. I was so weak. The messed up thing is that when they give you the antibiotic they don’t know if it’ll work or if the bacteria will be resistant to it. So you try and hope for the best. By the third day I started to make progress. My white blood cell count normalized. Thank you God!!!!!
I was released 4th day from the hospital and am currently on an 11 day oral antibiotic therapy. I still feel weak and winded and low on energy. But I’m slowly getting my strength back. 
Who knew that a simple bladder infection can get so complicated and turn into something potentially life threatening? 
I know that with these common things we tend to put them aside and say ok I gotta go to work, school, wtvr, I’ll go see a doctor later. This isn’t a big deal. But no big deal can turn big real quick. Health always should come first. No matter what. Little things can become huge so please take care of it and prevent it. I could’ve prevented all of this, had I gone that Friday when I first felt something. 

Sometimes UTIs don’t even give symptoms so regular physicals are so important. I don’t know how slow or fast they can spread to kidneys or blood. 
Don’t be lazy to pee as soon as you feel the need to. Go right away! 

Drink plenty of water to flush out as much as you can. 

Wear cotton panties. 

Wipe front to back. 

All these thing may seem silly but believe me you don’t want to go through what I just experienced. 

I hope to be back to my regular posts this week! 

Much love and blessings to you all. 

Nina xo

Word of the Day


I haven’t done one of these in a very long time but this I had to share!

Hope everyone has a marvelous day xo

Getting 2016 started!

IMG_9444Happy 2016 my loves. I hope that everyone had amazing holidays and I wish you all the best in the New Year. I have taken a little break from my blog as I really needed to get my thoughts and priorities together.


I was off work for about 2 weeks and I really did not want to do anything. I wanted to rest, sleep in (which I did until 2 pm on some days lol), be lazy, decorate my place some more, and just do nothing if that’s what I felt like. The time really went by fast.


I am back at work today and it’s bittersweet. It’s also freezing today but anyhow. I am not big on new year resolutions and all that cheesy stuff. Since my birthday is in the beginning of the year (Feb 5th) I tend to make personal goals for each year I turn older, rather than New Year resolutions.


Isn’t it funny how my head ended up right where the O is? lol

So I want to get back to my fitness and healthy kick. I went off track with that and it is not acceptable. I want to find another job because I feel that I’ve accomplished all I can in my current one. So it is time to move on. I want to organize all my finances, because honestly I suck at saving. I am a spender and a shopaholic and it’s time to get that in check!

Lastly but just as important I really feel inspired to work on my blog harder than ever before and possibly start a you tube channel.

Here is a photo of me and my baby. How big has he gotten?


Anyhow, just a little update. I would love to hear what some of your 2016 goals (not resolutions lol) are.




I have an anxiety disorder: how I help myself and how this can help you too

51PxbML92dL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Hey everybody. This post will be slightly different than what this blog is really about, all things beauty and fashion. But if you have been following me for a while then you know from time to time I like to write about deeper life related things. If you suffer from anxiety, I promise this will be helpful.

Like I said, I have an anxiety disorder. Mine happens to be OCD. I am sure there is a bit of something else in there, perhaps generalized anxiety disorder because often times people who have anxiety disorders have two or more combined.

I have 3 ways that I’ve really worked on to help myself. They are simple, easy, and don’t require a doctor, therapist or medication. All you need is the will to want to be better and work hard. Once you have that, it takes doing these steps until you train your mind. I put together a short book/manual on how I achieved inner peace and control my anxiety. My book is called US vs Anxiety and you can find it here

I am not saying that you will be cured because unfortunately there is no cure for anxiety disorders but what you can be is in control. Which in return will give you happy, peaceful life.


Anxiety disorders oftentimes are not recognized as “real” mental health issues but they are real, VERY real. Those who suffer from them know all too well just how real. It is such a bad mental turmoil, an ongoing battle that drives you to the very end point of mental and physical exhaustion.

Yes to some it may seem like it’s all in our minds. And sure, it is. But we cannot snap out of it as easily as those around us would want us to. This is a war we fight daily and we would love nothing more than to snap out of it. Even though a lot of the time it feels like, we are doomed, we are not. However, it takes practice and training your mind to do that. It’s hard work, which at times seems not possible but it is possible. We can have peace.


I have had OCD for as long as I can remember. Interestingly enough, I have a degree in Psychology. While I was in school studying about various disorders, it was the hardest time for me. I was having obsessions and compulsions every single class. I had no one to talk to because my parents just don’t understand this kind of stuff. Old school European mentality. I felt alone and drained.

Over the years my OCD changed. Things I obsess over, the way I do my compulsions and so forth.  But what remained consistent is the ongoing anxiety and feeling trapped in my own mental prison. It reached an ultimate high and I knew I had to do something about it.

Did you know that those who suffer from anxiety often times end up depressed? Yes, it can lead to depression and other chronic illnesses. Anxiety disorders are not all in your mind. They can manifest themselves physically too, headaches, stomach pains, soreness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, trouble breathing, etc.


I feel that people who suffer from anxiety don’t talk about it and feel ashamed but there are many of us out there and we don’t have to suffer alone or actually at all.

So if you are dealing with this I suggest you check out my book because I promise it will help you.

US vs Anxiety


Friday Inspiration

FullSizeRender(4)My friend Nicole passed this onto me and I love this so much that I just had to share with all of you. Here is something to end the week on an inspiring note.


Monday Inspiration

I hope everyone’s had a great weekend and a wonderful mother’s day. Here is something to start the week off right!


Word of the day – Must read!

FullSizeRender(6)I haven’t shared any inspirational words with you lately, maybe because I haven’t been feeling a whole lot inspired but this right here is a great read. So nicely put and absolute truth!


Meet Biggie

FullSizeRender(1)Hey all you beautiful people! I wanted to do a light and fun post on Friday… I mean not like all the beauty related stuff is heavy and morbid lol but I wanted to feature something else, more personal and fun. I got a puppy!!!!!!


I really wanted a big dog, Cane Corso to be exact. They grow up to be beasts lol which is what I wanted. However, I do live in a one bedroom apartment and for an 180 lbs pound animal this would be cruel. I also work a lot and I couldn’t take it out during the day as much as I need to. So I went totally opposite route and got a fluff ball that will only be 7 lbs lol


I have a Shih Tzu who lives with my parents and he is 12 years old now but forever my baby. I love Shih Tzus and when I got Benji I was told he was a toy shih tzu. Well Benji grew to be 20 lbs bigger than any Shih Tzu I ever heard of so I got majorly duped.

My new puppy is half Shih Tzu and half long hair Chihuahua. I named him BIGGIE. Only because he is so tiny but his personality is HUGE. I was told he would only be 7 lbs and he is 7 now at 6 mts old so I think I got a little tricked again lol anyway he won’t be growing much more.

He is my little terrorist who destroy my place and chews on everything but I love him so much. So meet Biggie everyone!

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