I am a young professional woman with a strong passion for fashion. I was raised by my grandma who always told me a woman should be presentable and look her best at all times, even in sweats! This did not mean fancy clothes, expensive bags and shoes with a full face of make up. Meaning: clean nails, feet on point (not just because it's sandal wearing season), clean hair and smelling good. I often hear that I am sick when it comes to shopping and I obsess over matching and take long to get ready even if I am just going to a grocery store (not true!) but it makes me feel good and that's what matters! While I do follow trends and keep up with current and latest things, I also have my own lane that I trek very confidently on. I love ACCESSORIES, loud and bright colours, shoes and perfumes. You should always stand out, never blend in. We all have something unique about each of us that should be seen.

How to find your perfect red lipstick (for your skin complexion)


Hey loves,

This week is flying by for me. I hope you are all doing well. I cannot wait for spring although we don’t really get much of it here in Toronto. It’s like we go from winter straight to humidity. Smh. Anyhow, have you ever saw someone with the nicest red lipstick and then when you try it on it looks not so great on you? It most likely has to do with your skin UNDERTONE So let me tell you how to first determine your skin undertone and use that to find the perfect red lipstick for you!

A nice red lip is classic and timeless and it gives you that extra boost and confidence! It’s like a sexy pair of stilettos 🙂

There are a few ways to find out your skin tone but in my opinion, the most simple is the vein test.

All you need to do is look at the veins on the inside of your wrist.
If they are GREEN – you have warm skin undertone
If they are BLUE – you have cool skin undertone
If they are a mix of both – you are neutral

Do check out my you tube video that I’ve made about this where I go into details and give suggestions to which lipsticks work for which skin undertone. But below you can find some tips as well!


Here are the basics on what would work for you and what you should stay away from:

Cool undertone

Whether you are fair skin or medium to deep complexion but falling into the cool undertone category you should go with blue/purple based red lipsticks. Stay away from orange based lipsticks, as they will wash you out and look all types of wrong !

Warm undertone

Again, whether you are fair, medium or deep complexion with warm undertones you should stay away from anything blue based and opt out for reds that have an orange and gold base. It will bring out the warmness of your complexion and compliment really nice.

On my channel I do give suggestions of lipstick for each category and each skin tone so do check it out!


Nina xo

Rosacea skin care routine


I still can’t believe that my face used to look like this. It was such a difficult time. Not just looks wise, but the itching and burning and the intense hot feeling all over! Rosacea is no joke. But I am happy to say that I figured out a way to keep my flare ups to pretty much zero and my skin is damn near flawless.

My routine is nothing out of ordinary. It’s very basic and simple. But it works.

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition. They don’t know the cause and they don’t have the cure. And anything can trigger an outbreak, literally, anything. Certain foods, extreme weather, PMS, stress, crying, etc. Truly sucks.

My skin routine, although mainly catered to the fact that I have rosacea, anyone can apply this routine and the products. Even those without any skin issues.

About a year ago I had an outbreak and I refused to go back to antibiotics so I ventured out to a natural health store and the person recommended Sea buckthorne cream. It’s more of a vaseline like substance and this has been my saviour! This has kept my skin in check with no flare ups at all. It’s anti inflammatory and anti bacterial. It keeps my skin nicely hydrated and moisturized.


But check out my video right here if you’d like to see how I take care of my skin and the products I use, as well as more about the sea buckthorne, which I would recommend to everyone no matter what skin type or condition!!!!


My curly hair routine


Hey lovely people.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. We are having some great weather here in Toronto which apparently hasn’t been been recorded in 38 years! Anyway, I wanted to share my curly hair routine with you guys, as well as products that I use and live by!


My hair has been doing amazing lately. Curls are back, and healing back very nicely. I am getting back that lively bouncy look! I am loving it!

My hair routine is very simple and straight forward, which is the best way to go about things. There are exceptions of course, as some hair is harder to maintain than other types and textures. It may need a bit more.

Here is my youtube video that shows you better than I can explain!!! Let me know, all my girls with curls, what products you use or some tips and techniques!


Curls and red lips lotd

I am so happy it’s Friday plus it’s a long weekend! 😃 My hair is cooperating today and I’m super tired so red lipstick definitely perks up my entire face and adds some brightness. 

I am wearing Como la flor from MAC Selena collection. Still loving this red. It seems to have a bit of gold shimmer to it but it’s not frosty by any means. 

The rest of my face is pretty simple with just some eyeliner and mascara.  

What have you guys got planned for the wknd? 

Oh and do check out my youtube channel! I’ll have a curly hair routine up a little later .  


Nina xo 

Valentine’s Day Make up- Daytime or Night look!


Happy Friday ! I  am so happy this extremely long week is finito! With Valentines day just around the corner I wanted to show you the make up look I love to do! Here’s some photos I took as well as my youtube video showing you step by step😋

I think Valentines day make up should be simple and soft. No big contrasting colours and not too much going on.

Soft tones to me are romantic and sensual looking. Soft pinks, purples and reds would work perfectly!


Do you guys have a go to valentines day look you do?
Nina 💕💕💕

How to apply false lashes EASY and QUICK & BIG announcement! (my You Tube channel)


Hello loves! I’ve mentioned some time ago, ok a long time ago that I was thinking of starting a you tube channel and then I slacked off but I have finally done it! I am so excited because it allows me even more to be involved in all things beauty which is my passion, as well as be more interactive! I still have so much to learn in this whole you tube world but that’s also exciting. Oh and the name of my channel is Call Her Nina. 

I have done a few videos and I am trying to learn from each and do it better every time.
Here is the link to the video that I’ve done on “How to apply false lashes- EASILY AND QUICKLY” and from then on you can check out the other videos I’ve done as well!

I hope you’ll like it and subscribe so we can stay connected there as well. I love all of you guys who LOYALY support me and show me love. It means so much to me.



OH and I will be continuing with my blog as well. This is my first baby and I will definitely continuing posting here too.


Hope everyone has an amazing Monday!

Nina xo

Happy 2017!


Happy New Years everyone! I know I am a few days late but I want to wish everyone an amazing, healthy and successful year ahead.

I didn’t go out to on New Years Eve, just like the previous year and I always feel guilty for not celebrating. In my culture, New Years Eve is a big deal and you must go out and party and be festive, so I grew up always doing these over the top parties. In recent years, I don’t know if I am just old and boring but I don’t feel for it. Plus, it’s cold and everything is expensive and not fun like it used to be.

How did you spend your NYE?

Anyhow, this is one of the first make up looks I did in the new year. I am in love with this purple lipstick by LA Girl. It’s from their matte collection and it’s called Love Triangle.


It’s a really vibrant purple with a blue undertone. (Yes I did change my chokers between pics because the gold one was scratching my neck! lol)

If I can say one thing that I don’t like is that it stains my lips bright pink! Like fuschia. And it stays on for the entire day no matter what.


I picked up a few more of their lipsticks from the same matte collection and I am really happy with all of them. I will go back for more shades.

I also got a few of their lipglosses that I am not happy with at all and a highlighter that is really pretty but doesn’t distribute smoothly.  So maybe I’ll do another blog post as a review.

Have you tried any products from LA Girl Cosmetics?

Until next time! Nina xo

Happy Holidays 

Happy Holidays beautiful people! I hope all those who celebrate Christmas had a wonderful past few days and those who don’t still used the holiday season to get together with their loved ones and enjoy the time we have off work anyway lol

My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas in a religious sense but we definitely get together, sing and dance and exchange gifts. 

I’ve always wanted a white tree with just silver and glitter ornaments but white trees are so expensive and I could not justify spending over $200 for something I’d use once a year. However, I found this one at Walmart for much much cheaper and had to get it!

I got all the ornaments from the dollarstore and lights came with the tree. My heart was filled with joy haha 

I just had to share it with you guys!

Merry Christmas from us to you 💟

‘Tis the season 

Hello beautiful people! I wish you could see how golden and shiny my sweater is lol I love it. How appropriate for the holiday season, right? 

I did a beer rinse on my hair last night and as usual I love what it does for my curls. If you haven’t seen that post on my blog before, beer rinse serves as the cleanser for your hair.  It removes all the product build up and frees your hair from all the junk. 

I’ve also been loving this coral lipstick and how it makes my face alive cuz I’ve been tired and dull lately 😣
It’s YSL- Extreme Coral. 

What do you have planned for holidays???

Nina xo 

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