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I am a young professional woman with a strong passion for fashion.
I was raised by my grandma who always told me a woman should be presentable and look her best at all times, even in sweats! This did not mean fancy clothes, expensive bags and shoes with a full face of make up.
Meaning: clean nails, feet on point (not just because it’s sandal wearing season), clean hair and smelling good.
I often hear that I am sick when it comes to shopping and I obsess over matching and take long to get ready even if I am just going to a grocery store (not true!) but it makes me feel good and that’s what matters!
While I do follow trends and keep up with current and latest things, I also have my own lane that I trek very confidently on.
I love ACCESSORIES, loud and bright colours, shoes and perfumes.
You should always stand out, never blend in. We all have something unique about each of us that should be seen.