Summer wedding

I have to stop opening up my posts with ” I haven’t posted in a long long time….” lol but that’s what has been going on lately.

The truth is, being a new mom is hard! Amazing, beautiful and rewarding but also incredibly challenging. I am simply exhausted.

I am still struggling with my weight and post baby body. I am not used to feeling uncomfortable in my body and in my skin but that is how I have been feeling these past 8 months so I dont have much of a desire to dress up and do my regular fashion thing.

But I am not just sitting here bitchin and complaining. I’m hitting the gym and trying to do what I can.

I went to a Sikh wedding beginning of August. My sister in law’s sister was getting married. It was beautiful and really nice to see the customs.

When my brother got married they had more of a western wedding so many traditional things were skipped but I really enjoyed this wedding and it was interesting to see cultural aspects of it all.

I love how colorful and vibrant the outfits everyone wore. I heard about this so I decided to wear a turquoise lace dress with gold sandals.

I also did my make up with turquoise eye shadow to give it more of a pop!

Have you attended any traditional weddings? What was the coolest thing you saw?

I loved how they throw money on the dance floor lol and they PARTY hard!

Nina xo


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