What’s been happening with my curls lately?

I think it’s a well known fact that during pregnancy your hair grows fast and thick and so luscious and then after you give birth you shed and your hair goes limp and lack luster.

This is my current situation 🙄

My hair got so long and so curly and incredibly strong and thick while I was pregnant. I loved it. However, after I gave birth it became so weird.

It was dull and curls wouldn’t cooperate and it just didn’t sit right no matter which way I flipped it. But I wasn’t shedding yet. Nothing was falling out.

So I figured maybe I need a trim to give it a little kick and bounce! So I cut off quite a few inches but didn’t help much. My curls were still there but looked so sad and tired lol.

It’s been almost 4 months since I’ve had my baby girl and my hair has started to fall out a week ago. I mean there is hair EVERYWHERE! I walk and leave a trail. There is hair in her bassinet, her stroller, on her, on my dog lol IT’S BAD!

I read that there isn’t much we can do . Just got to wait it out and it should all settle around the time baby turns a year. Ummm😮

So I have been doing a lot of castor oil treatments. For those who may not be familiar castor oil is amazing in every way but especially when it comes to hair growth, strengthening the hair, preventing the hair from shedding and giving it amazing shine.

So far it’s been helping. I strongly recommend castor oil to anyone who wants healthy and strong hair.

For styling products I have given Shea Moisture my favourite brand ever a little break and am using Curls Blueberry Bliss leave in conditioner and jelly. Absolutely love both. I did a review on them a while back on my YouTube channel and had mixed reviews but now they are really working on my hair and am loving both.

What are some hair treatments you are using?

Nina xo

One thought on “What’s been happening with my curls lately?

  1. Can’t tell your shedding. Hair looks great! Feel like I’ll need a new lesson again as mine as stopped curling as well and I shed. And I don’t have a baby lol

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