Eyelash extensions


It has been about 5 months since my last post. In this time A LOT has happened !!! A lot, like I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that I am obsessed with! So as you can imagine it has been a busy time. But I do love my blog and all my blog friends and I miss blogging. I have ignored all things beauty and fashion until recently when I decided no more I have to get back to myself…..at least somewhat.

One of the many things that went haywire with my body during and after pregnancy(many things did, believe me!) is that my already thin eyebrows have receded even more so. The front of my eyebrows is non existent. And my eyelashes??? I can’t even explain. They are so thin and brittle and extremely straight. What is this all about?

I know that eyelash extensions have been a thing that has become a norm almost. It is not new by any means. I did get them before as well because I love the convenience of them and also love how they look as I’ve never had particularly long or full natural lashes. However, now they have become something I NEED!!!

For those who never had eyelash extensions but are thinking about it or you’re just curious, here are my thoughts.


The process:

First, you decide how many individual lashes you want on each eye, as well as the length and style of the lashes.  The way this was always explained to me is that it depends on the shape and size of your eyes. I personally get 70  individual lashes in each eye, and they are not crazy long or especially wispy or crazy looking. I like to get them natural looking but full.

They use pads to hold down your lower lashes so they don’t get into the way and that no glue gets on them by accident. This was always a bit awkward for me. Not painful or anything just a bit uncomfortable, but only while they are putting them on. Afterwards, it’s fine.
Then, the lash technician takes one individual lash and dips it into special lash glue and attaches it precisely onto your natural lash. So note, that the fake lash is NOT glued to your eyelid. This would be painful and not recommended. It is glued to your natural lash. They repeat this process for each lash.

Make sure you come without any make up, oils, or lotions on your eyelids. Go BARE! LOL

The entire lash application process takes about an hour. 

Using a spoolie brush , they brush them out and this is something you have to do as well pretty much every day. I’ll explain a little later why.

The aftercare:

So, for the first 24 hours you cannot get them wet!!! At all! The glue has to dry. After the 24 hours you are good!

Do not apply mascara!!! And you will not need any either as it already looks like you are wearing it. That’s the beauty of eyelash extensions.

You have to make sure that you wash your eyes and your eyelashes every single day to remove make up (eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc) thoroughly but also just every day environment stuff and natural oils. Bacteria can accumulate if you don’t and your eyes can get infected. There are special products you can buy but I just use my daughters natural organic bodywash/shampoo.

You also have to brush them with a spoolie every day to keep them neat. Because after about 2 days they start to criss cross, bunch up together and separate. So brush them out!

Also, do not use any oil based make up wipes, or eye make up removers. 

Refrain from rubbing your eyes as well. That was the biggest thing for me, because I love rubbing my eyes. It gives me such relief.

How long do they last/Refills?

They last about 2 and a half to 3 weeks IF you take care of them as I’ve mentioned above. So you would get refills that often.

DO NOT pull or tug on them because first of all, IT HURTS like hell, second of all you will pull off your natural lash too and it may not grow back or it’ll take really long to.

Would I recommend eyelash extensions?

I personally love it. I love the full thick volume but more than that I love how your make up routine is cut in half honestly. Half the time I don’t even wear any eye make up because you simply don’t need to. Your eyes already look pretty much done. I love that.

However, sometimes your eyes do get irritated from the glue. Your vision can sometimes get a little weird because the fumes from the glue can irritate it or if you have really thick extensions you can see them.. you know what I mean?

I also suggest taking a break every now and then and not fill them in and keep them in for months upon months.

In summary, yes I do recommend them.

Nina xo


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