I can’t believe I have been gone for 5 months!


It has been 5 months! FIVE months…since my last post. This is the longest I have ever neglected my blog. It is not because I’ve lost interest or passion for it but so many life things have happened that took me away from blogging. But I do miss all my blog friends, all the wonderful ladies I talk to on here and just the beauty community I was a part of. So I’ve decided it’ s been long enough!

I hope you are all have been doing well 🙂

So here are a few brief updates:

  • I have gotten engaged!
  • I am currently almost 7 months pregnant with a baby girl!!!
  • My little brother got married in August!
  • We’ve moved!
  • Work has been insanely busy 😦

So these are just some of the things but definitely huge milestones.

I have many different things to blog about, but for the first post back I wanted to do a little update and share some pictures from my brother’s wedding which was probably the last time I actually dressed up and had a full face of make up LOL.


Nina xo


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