Straight hair …a rare occurrence these days


I remember the days I used to wish I had straight hair, nice silky and sleek. But that was a long time ago as I absolutely love my curls, so straightening my hair is once in a blue occurrence. It’s funny because I spent 2 hours doing it and then as I headed to work it started to rain and it will continue to rain for the entire week! What a waste! But I did manage to get a few good pics:)


To create my purple eye look, I’ve used the Smashbox Photo Op Ombre Amethyst Eyeshadow Palette. I love this little palette and the colours are gorgeous.

On my lips, I am wearing LA girl love triangle, which is a very blue undertoned purple but I figured that would be purple overload so I applied clear gloss on top to make it more pinkish/purple.


I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. It’s rainy and miserable in Toronto today so I am hibernating!


Nina xo

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