Rosacea skin care routine


I still can’t believe that my face used to look like this. It was such a difficult time. Not just looks wise, but the itching and burning and the intense hot feeling all over! Rosacea is no joke. But I am happy to say that I figured out a way to keep my flare ups to pretty much zero and my skin is damn near flawless.

My routine is nothing out of ordinary. It’s very basic and simple. But it works.

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition. They don’t know the cause and they don’t have the cure. And anything can trigger an outbreak, literally, anything. Certain foods, extreme weather, PMS, stress, crying, etc. Truly sucks.

My skin routine, although mainly catered to the fact that I have rosacea, anyone can apply this routine and the products. Even those without any skin issues.

About a year ago I had an outbreak and I refused to go back to antibiotics so I ventured out to a natural health store and the person recommended Sea buckthorne cream. It’s more of a vaseline like substance and this has been my saviour! This has kept my skin in check with no flare ups at all. It’s anti inflammatory and anti bacterial. It keeps my skin nicely hydrated and moisturized.


But check out my video right here if you’d like to see how I take care of my skin and the products I use, as well as more about the sea buckthorne, which I would recommend to everyone no matter what skin type or condition!!!!


2 thoughts on “Rosacea skin care routine

  1. Hello Nina,

    Thank you so much. Do you use the CETAPHIL day and night or just night?

    Thank you,


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