How to apply false lashes EASY and QUICK & BIG announcement! (my You Tube channel)


Hello loves! I’ve mentioned some time ago, ok a long time ago that I was thinking of starting a you tube channel and then I slacked off but I have finally done it! I am so excited because it allows me even more to be involved in all things beauty which is my passion, as well as be more interactive! I still have so much to learn in this whole you tube world but that’s also exciting. Oh and the name of my channel is Call Her Nina. 

I have done a few videos and I am trying to learn from each and do it better every time.
Here is the link to the video that I’ve done on “How to apply false lashes- EASILY AND QUICKLY” and from then on you can check out the other videos I’ve done as well!

I hope you’ll like it and subscribe so we can stay connected there as well. I love all of you guys who LOYALY support me and show me love. It means so much to me.



OH and I will be continuing with my blog as well. This is my first baby and I will definitely continuing posting here too.


Hope everyone has an amazing Monday!

Nina xo

8 thoughts on “How to apply false lashes EASY and QUICK & BIG announcement! (my You Tube channel)

  1. yay! congrats nina! i subscribed to your channel i have to take a look at your videos as i love youtube! congrats and good luck with it!!

    1. Heyyyy love always so good to hear from you. I had no idea you have a channel. I will be checking that out asap and a collab sounds amazing. Let’s get that going! I still have so much to learn but I’m getting there 🙂 😚😚😚

      1. Yes sweets, let’s do it. It is awesome when you have the time to do and I am trying to plan my schedule so I can get back on track with blogging and everything that I love. I just put out my latest post after almost 8 months of not blogging. Your videos are great from what I have seen so far. Don’t let things like not having the latest equipment or so stress you. It is not important. We all start somewhere. You got this! For sure! xoxo

      2. You are amazing. Thank you !!!! I also have been slacking with blogging and stuff. Life just gets in the way but 2017 let’s promise to dedicate time to it and make time for all things we love. I’m sure we can. Email me and we’ll plan something to do together.

  2. Gonna email you now! Absolutely! We are gonna motivate each other and we got this! More than anything HAPPY BIRTHDAY love! Hope you’re having a wonderful day and evening! Sending big hugs and kisses xoxi


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