Hello loves! I’ve mentioned some time ago, ok a long time ago that I was thinking of starting a you tube channel and then I slacked off but I have finally done it! I am so excited because it allows me even more to be involved in all things beauty which is my passion, as well as be more interactive! I still have so much to learn in this whole you tube world but that’s also exciting. Oh and the name of my channel is Call Her Nina. 

I have done a few videos and I am trying to learn from each and do it better every time.
Here is the link to the video that I’ve done on “How to apply false lashes- EASILY AND QUICKLY” and from then on you can check out the other videos I’ve done as well!

I hope you’ll like it and subscribe so we can stay connected there as well. I love all of you guys who LOYALY support me and show me love. It means so much to me.



OH and I will be continuing with my blog as well. This is my first baby and I will definitely continuing posting here too.


Hope everyone has an amazing Monday!

Nina xo