Straight hair don’t care πŸ˜‘

I rarely ever straighten my hair.  It’s truly a once in a blue  occurrence but lately it’s been so cold and I find that hats just look better on me when my hair is straight….does that make any sense? Lol 
Another thing I’ve noticed is when my hair is left natural, meaning curly I’ll have people say to me omg your hair is so nice but when I straighten my hair I’ll get wow you look so pretty….πŸ€” so im not pretty with my curly hair? Yeah….

My hair has been getting extremely  tangled lately which is also one of the reasons I straightened it. The knots I’ve been pulling out are unreal. Do you have any detanglers you recommend? Share please!
Anyway, I cannot wait to share my beautiful white Christmas Tree with you guys. I am so proud lol. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday.  

17 thoughts on “Straight hair don’t care πŸ˜‘

  1. Hi, I just wanted to say I love your blog – it’s so fun and creative! Mine is anonymous as I just can’t tell people who I am yet. Also, I love your hair and I know sometimes it can be fun doing things with hair but as my hair is straight, I like curling it. ❀

  2. You are pretty with straight, curly, red, black or yellow hair :D;):* My tree is white as well, with pink, light blue and silver ornaments πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see yours ❀

      1. I know, I haven’t been on fb for 10years! A few years ago I made a new account for only few days πŸ˜€ But now my dads on fb so I was like well I can’t be any less lol

      2. Hahaha I also wasn’t on it for like 5 years or so then one day reactivated it and was on for a few months but very soon I got irritated. I only love the fact I get to reconnect with friends and family from back home.

  3. Hi There!
    You look great with both looks! I have kinky curly hair & I LOVE Giovanni’s Direct Leave -In Weightless Moisture Conditioner. This detangles & smooths like no other. And a little goes a long way :).

    Happy holidays!! Niky

    1. Thanks Niky ! Happy New Years. I tried some Giovanni products I believe a gel and a shampoo. Wasn’t too impressed but I definitely need a detangler so I may check this out 😊


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