I believe in pink

Said Audrey Hepburn….. 
I have been mainly wearing neutral and  earth tones lately.  My go to lipstick had been various shades of brown and taupe colours as well as my eye shadows but I decided to change it up a little with this pink look.  

This pink eye shadow is from my BH cosmetics palette (blanking on the name now) but I really love it because I feel it’s perfect for brown eyes. It really makes them pop!

I also have a touch of white shimmer in inner corners. 
On my lips is NYX Merengue lip gloss which will forever be one of my favourites. 

I have been neglecting my blog yet again because I am in the process of moving so with purging and packing I’ve been so busy. 

I cannot wait to finally move in and set up everything and go nuts with home decor. I also am so happy to move in before thr holidays because finally I get to have my white Christmas Tree !!!! 
Nina xo 

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