Home decor items I’ve been wanting

So, I never blog much about home decor but besides make up and fashion, home decor is something I truly enjoy! It’s probably my main passion at the moment where I thought about changing careers and going into interior design. 

I do have a particular style which involves a lot of mirrored furniture, crystal, glass, neutral tones and occasional glitter lol. 

I am moving in December and although I don’t NEED anything I definitely WANT a while bunch of stuff. 

I went to Pier 1 and Homesense yesterday and saw some cute items I really want. 

I am totally obsessed with crystal things such as the stand of this lamp. I already have a trey, candle holders like this and this lamp would fit right in. $99 Homesense

To go along with my crystal collection, these decorative balls are everything! $22 Pier 1

These glittery little balls are super cute and only a $1 each from Pier 1 as well. I purchased 2 of these for my coffee table centre piece. 

I also got this from Pier 1 last night too! Although it’s a Christmas tree ornament I don’t plan to use it as such. This can fully be on my vanity or a shelf as a decorative piece. $4.95 each. 

Now, I feel like you will either love or hate this and I absolutely love it! It would go great with my living room theme . It’s  $60 and I’m trying to be cost effective too so I’m not sure if it’s worth that  ugh.  

To add to my glamourous crystal collection lol I really like these glasses but I don’t necessarily need them so they are low on my list. Plus I would probably have a heart attack whenever anyone would drink out of them.

I also really liked this too and I’m not entirely sure what it is bit it’s pretty lol 

Ahhh there were so many beautiful things and I cannot believe stores already have holiday stuff up on the shelves. In my opinion, although some of these items are seasonal I fully think you can use them as every day decor as long as it’s done tastefully! 
Nina XO 


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