My Fall 2016 essentials 

Fall is my favourite season and even though it’s very short lived in Toronto I enjoy every minute of it !

Here are my staple items for fall 2016. 

Soft pink wool coat 

I am loving nude tones but then again who isn’t these days? I am obsessed with long wool coats and I just got two gorgeous ones in beige and baby pink. It’s perfect for fall and completes any outfit. 

Suede over knee boots

I used to hate grey  but I absolutely love it now.  Over the knee boots are everything ! This is not just 2016 fall staple but pretty much every year. 


Yes chokers.  They’re back with a vengeance. And I went crazy and bought like 50 lol. My favourite is pairing up leather or velvet choker with some bling. 

Bold deep lip 

It doesn’t have to be deep red, browns and purples or even black lipsticks are so popular!

Big comfy sweater 

I love oversized comfy sweater with some tights and sneakers  or even worn as a dress with high boots!

Leather cap 

I also went nuts and got a bunch of these in beige, black, pink and white. You can dress it up or down and works amazing !
Let me know what your fall essentials are!

4 thoughts on “My Fall 2016 essentials 

  1. Loving all your choices! I have a lavender coat that sadly is going away from my rotation. It’s to worn and used I look sloppy. Sad times. However, I have already replaced it with a vintage coat I scored a few weeks ago.

  2. I’d love to have a long wool coat, something to feel very femminine in 🙂 I haven’t gotten any chokers yet but I can’t wait to try some. Plus they are great for mommies cause the little ones can’t pull on them 😀


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