Gothic look

So,Gothic type of look definitely isn’t my type of style but then again I consider myself to be versatile and so lately I find myself reaching for deep and dark tones.  I know fall time brings that whole look about anyway….

I absolutely love this lipstick. It’s actually a mix of two : Kapow by Colourpop and Dark Cherry by NYX.  Even though they are completely two different textures, Kapow super matte and Dark Cherry creamy and glossy it worked. I got this amazing deep plum tone. 

The second one is NYX turnt up lipstick in wine and dine. Another gorgeous deep red/plum tone. 

Who else never thought chokers would come back? Ugh. Even once they did I thought nope never I will not give in to this trend and now it’s my first accessory I reach for. 

Happy Monday yall. šŸ˜‹

Nina XO 

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