Graffiti Alley Toronto

Hello loves! I went to a part of Toronto a little while back where there are a few alleys with amazing graffiti art. So yes graffiti is illegal but from what I read is that once a year the city gives 24 hours where you can graffiti legally here. Anyway I have been in this country for 21 years  and never checked this out but it was amazing. I think it’s really hard to do this and takes great talent so I wanted to share some pictures with you all!

I went with my boyfriend and I wish I had someone to take a few photos of us because it would’ve been really cool to frame a few of these but here’s one we got lol

What do you guys think? Isn’t it pretty cool? 

This is what I love about Toronto. There are so many hidden and random but cool things to see and do.
Nina XO

9 thoughts on “Graffiti Alley Toronto

  1. This is a great post! I learned a lot thank you! Btw, Nina, I really like the Selfie with you and your boyfriend at the back; you have such a beautiful and natural smile.

      1. Yes all artists sign but most artists signatures are hard to tell what they actually say. It is not a clearly printed name for me to know. So how is it that you expect me to figure it out? And if it fit into the shot i took then it will be there. And how do you propose that I find out from these other artists you speak of? Where is it that you suggest I go and find these ‘other’ artists? I think it’s good enough that I took photos of their art and posted it and put it out there. That’s showing respect enough.

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