Wedding flow 

No not my wedding lol. I went to a family wedding this weekend with my parents. It was really nice as we barely all get together like this anymore. I really did not want to wear a dress so I went with this black jump suit from H&M. 

Black is always classy and elegant. And I really like the style of this jump suit. 
I wanted to add a gold belt but decided against it. Although it doesn’t photograph well, the jump suit has a belt with tassels already. 

This is my amazing mom who decided on a jump suit herself! 

Paired it up with nude /gold sandals from Aldo which I’m surprised to say were incredibly comfortable. I find Aldo shoes very rough on my feet but these were great. 

Make up: 

Face: Vichy foundation/ Elizabeth Arden highlighter in rose gold/ 

Eyes: Naked 2 palette / MAC liquid eyeliner/ Smashbox full exposure mascara 

Lips: MAC Heroine 
Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Nina xo  

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