It’s been a crazy busy long week and I’m so happy it’s the weekend. I absolutely love this skirt I got at H&M for only $7! 

I love neon colours. They just scream summer! I also love how they make me look tanned even when I’m not lol 

It’s a silky maxi skirt with a underskirt that’s actually a little more short than I’d like it to be. 

The crop top although you can’t see details is actually super cute as it has little pink Lipsticks on it. I got that at Dynamite. Do you guys have that store in the US and Europe??? 

Anyhow. I’ve been finding myself reaching for my glasses more and more. I only used to wear them at work but my eyes feel so dry lately and tired. But I think they are growing on me and believe me I fought and fought to have to wear them lol. 

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Stay stafe! 

Nina xo 

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