My obsession with vanities

I absolutely love a beautifully set up vanity. I am not showing mine here today as I am in the process of changing the table but I often browse for ideas and I had to show you 4 of my favourite vanities. 
I love the elegant and classy look. Not cluttered either. 

These are in no particular order as I love them all! 

My bedroom is actually white/grey/silver with turquoise accents. This would fit right in.

This set up looks so regal. Simplistic but such a statement piece of furniture. 

You can’t go wrong with black. It’s so classy and this vanity also has plenty of storage space. 

This is just so beautiful. Super girly but still elegant. 

As you can see, there’s a theme here. Glass vanity (with an exception of black one).  I am a sucker for anything glass. Glass furniture pieces, glass accents, etc. 

Once I set up mine I’ll share it here. 

Nina xo 

8 thoughts on “My obsession with vanities

  1. I love vanities too! I thought about doing a desk/vanity combo. I absolutely love the ones with mirrored furniture. I think I would do a fur stool tho.

    1. Yes agreed on the fur stool. I have a white leather one and I covered it with the white fur rug. Just for decor purposes. I don’t actually sit on it cuz it gets dirty so fast! Lol

      1. That’s a good idea tho! You still get the look you want without having to get it dirty. I can only imagine what mine would look like after a makeup session – blush, concealer, and foundation all over it lol.


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