A few summer outfits

Hey my loves! I hope your week started amazing. I can’t believe it’s almost end of July already! Anyhow, I haven’t posted in a minute so here are a few of my recent outfits. 

This is one of my favourite dresses. I love the pattern of it. But, it’s really stretchy and super comfy. 

I have also been into these loose dresses that don’t have a shape to them. I never liked these kind of dresses before as I found them to be not very flattering but it depends how you wear them really. 

I also think the colour is gorgeous and it’s silky so perfect for summer. Light and airy. 

This third outfit is a simple white pants and a white tee with the bronze detail. 

I also have been into just simple tees with a basic design on them. You can really make them look nice depending on what you pair them up here. 

I opted out for flats with each of these. 

These gold ones are my go to. They are so comfortable and I can run a marathon in them. 

The silky white ones are super cute too but yes they do get dirty fast. That’s the only downfall. 

Nina xo 

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