Summer ’16 must haves

I feel like 2016has been a year of less is more and simplicity is really in. This has been true when it comes to make up as well as wardrobe. These are 5 of my 2016 summer must haves. 

I am all for getting dolled up but I think 2016 has been , minimum eye make up, only brows and lashes, highlighter and a lipstick of choice. 

Nail art kind of went out of style as well and simple, white polish has been the go to choice. 

In terms of clothes, every day choice is jean shorts , tank top and slippers. 

1. Sunscreen 

Well this isn’t just 2016 Summer must have its really any Summer or any season for that matter. 

2. Sunglasses

This one is a Summer must have period. Besides being useful it’s a fashionable choice too. I always have a pair of shades in my bag. 

3. Slippers

I’m not talking about flip flops as you can see but actual slippers. They can be simple or a bit more fancy. I love these Hermes ones. 

4. Strappy sandals

Even though they are flats they can make any outfit dressy because of the straps. Call them gladiator shoes, strappy shoes, call them what you want, but you need to have a pair. 

5. Distressed jean shorts

Everything distressed is in now. Best thing you don’t even need to buy them. You can make your own. 

Anyway. This is what I find myself in these days. And although it sounds casual you can actually make it look really nice. 

Pair up your Jean shorts with any colour tank top, strappy sandals, bright coloured lips and your shades and you’re good to go! 

Tell me what your Summer must have is! 

Nina xo

2 thoughts on “Summer ’16 must haves

  1. My only summer must haves this year are air condition, my bed and food bahahaaa We’ll see about next year. Have a great weekend hun! xx


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