Lilac flush FOTD

I hope everyone’s had an amazing long weekend! I can honestly say I got some good rest and relaxation. I’ll share a few pics from cottage life but before all that, here’s a look from back to work life. 

Purple is my favourite colour and I love pastels so this lipstick is definitely one of my faves. It’s Lilac Flush by Maybelline. 

I think when I wear anything pastel, whether it’s make up or clothing, I need to be a little tanned. Otherwise it really doesn’t look nice. 
The rest of the make up details:

Face: Vichy dermablend foundation/ MAC warm soul blush

Eyes: Dior purple revolution eyeshadow palette/ Marc Jacobs gel liner/ Tarte Camera Lights Lashes mascara

Eyebrows: Anastasia dip brow pomade in chocolate brown. 

I had the best boat ride ever!

Amazing view from the cottage 


So gorgeous. I could live there! 
Nina xo 

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