Casual Day Friday- top knot and jumpers 

I cannot tell you how glad I am it’s Friday. I am so over this week. Work is so busy which is good but it’s also draining. 
Anyway I live for casual Fridays just as much as I am inspired to dress up on Mondays. And yes Tuesday to Thursday I don’t care about lol. I just wing it. 
Still rocking my hair straight so I just put it up in a top knot.

I also chose to keep my make up to a minimum with some mascara, liner and lipgloss. 

I am wearing a super comfy black jumper from Marshalls and a jean jacket from Marshalls as well. 

My skin has been terrible past 2 months. My rosacea is back with a vengeance. I don’t want to go back to antibiotics and am looking for natural options to get rid of these bumps. Redness I can deal with but the bumps drive me insane. 

This is the first really bad outbreak in 5 years! 
Let me know if you know of any natural solutions. Please!!!!😳
Nina xo

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