DIY: From an old stool to a bed side table. 

I absolutely live for home decor. I don’t post much about it here on my blog as I concentrate more on beauty/fashion but I think I will start doing more of home decor related posts.

I love going to home decor stores and you can find me at homesense, marshalls, IKEA, Etc a few times a week lol.
Anyhow I had this old stool that was peeling off and had cracks everywhere and was this unappealing silver colour. I thought it would make for a cute bed side table so I painted it white with semi gloss paint.

I did go over it with sand paper first but as you can see it is not perfect on the top due to some cracks being too far gone. However, going over it with a few coats of pain totally transformed this bad boy.

It’s as good as new.
I also put together this vase arrangement myself with a bunch of sparkly white branches from the dollar store. The vase is also from a dollar store and the white stuff inside is actually sugar. Lol.

This gorgeous sparkly crystal lamp is from homesense, as well as the Buddha candle holder.
Anyway, let me know what you guys think.

The week is almost over! 😍

Nina xo

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