Boat cruise OOTD and over 1000 followers!!!!

First of all when did this happen? Omg! Thank you so much everyone for helping me reach 1000+ followers, for your sweet words, lovely compliments and keeping me going even when I am slacking. This calls for a giveaway so stay tuned for that. 
This past weekend was a long one in Toronto so I went on a boat cruise party. The weather was beautiful. 

I wore white high waist pants I picked up at Marshalls and a white mesh top from Sirens. 

I am wearing a multi coloured bikini top underneath. 
I wanted to be comfy so I wore white wedges. 

Yes I know, white overload but I love white. It’s so fresh! 

I didn’t accessorize much at all. Just a pair of big gold hoops and my favourite glasses! (Dolce & Gabbana). 

Here’s a gorgeous shot of beautiful Toronto. 

2 thoughts on “Boat cruise OOTD and over 1000 followers!!!!

  1. I love white too, it just makes you feel so fresh and fabulous! ❤ You look absolutely beautiful hun and congrats on all the followers! :* I reached exactly 1000 the day I closed my blog lol, the irony. Now of course I need to gain them all back. Have a wonderful weekend sweets xx

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