Rainy mornings fotd

Good morning beautiful people! It’s raining so hard this morning in Toronto and it’s so cold but I put away all my warm stuff and refuse to take it back out so I am currently freezing !

Rain and curly hair equals frizz so it’s a bun day but that’s what I love about curls no matter what you always have a hair style. 

Eyes: Marc Jacobs gel eyeliner/smashbox full exposure mascara

Face: Make up Forever HD foundation/ Hardcandy tiki highlighter

Lips: cocoa bean lipgloss by Gerard cosmetics 

I am looking to change my hair colour but what else is new, right? But my hair has been curling so nice lately and I’m afraid to damage it but I need a different hair colour for summer! 
Hope everyone has an amazing Tuesday. 

Nina xo

5 thoughts on “Rainy mornings fotd

  1. You look gorgeous, I love that color on your lips :* It got cold here too and put away all our warm stuff too, I refuse to go out to get groceries and I can’t bring my kids to the park 😀

      1. I’m very good at the moment, thanks hun ❤ How about you, have you recovered totally from all the sucky things now?


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