Hump day LOTD


I am feeling better and stronger each day so I am finally starting to wear make up and look like I take care of myself LOL because I was looking a hot mess for a while.   

I feel it’s time to do something different to my hair but I know as soon as I change it I’ll miss my burgundy.  


I absolutely love this jumper piece. It’s like one piece track suit. Super comfy. You can pair it up with heels or sneakers like I did here.   

I am wearing Enchante by Gerard Cosmetic on my lips which has turned into one of my favourite shades. 


I hope you’re all doing amazing. Much love. 
Nina xo 

17 thoughts on “Hump day LOTD

      1. I’m good, springtime really brings me alive ^.^ Sunshine and warm weather are the best remedy you can get 🙂 How about you,is it spring-y yet over there or still chilly?

      2. Good to hear! I hope pregnancy is going better now. Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl yet? Not really springy lol here yet. Today it’s raining and it’s miserable 😦


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