Where the hell have I been? 


Hello all my lovely friends. I have been MIA for quite some time now due to 2 reasons: new job and my health. And the health issue is something I’d like to take a moment and talk about here to bring some awareness to this issue. 
About 3 weeks ago I started a new job which I absolutely love. My new team is great and I am so happy. I am now at Cancer Care Ontario, working as a Coordinator for the Ontario Palliative Care Network. Of course, that left me no time to blog as I dived right into my new role and by the time I’d come home I would be drained. 

Last Friday, while peeing I felt a slight discomfort. Not burning or hurting, just mild discomfort. I thought of UTI right away. I used to get bladder infections as a child and in my early 20s but haven’t had one in 5 years or more. They are so common and you can really get them from anything. It’s so easy. And they’re easily treated too. But so very annoying. However, due to starting my new job I had no time to take off and make a trip to see my doctor. I thought I’ll wait until I can go see her on Wednesday when she works late. Well, she was all booked and by Thursday I was in so much pain. I had insane abdominal cramps and some back ache. So I went to the ER and after waiting for 7 hours I was given antibiotics and told that UTI can spread to your kidneys if left untreated for long and if I come down with a fever, chills or nausea to return. 
Well, literally the next day I came down with all of that plus more. The pain I felt in my back was unbearable. My ribs were sore, I was short of breath, my headache was out of this world and the chills? Oh wow. Those I cannot describe. I was literally shaking like a leaf for hours! I was shivering so hard that my jaw locked and my neck got stuck in one place. So back to ER we went. 
All I expected was to go there and they would give me stronger meds and send me on my way. So it was another 9 hour wait. And they hooked me up to an IV as I was so dehydrated by this time as my fever reached almost 40c.  They said that I definitely had a kidney infection. And how kidney infections can also spread to your blood! When I heard that I went into extreme panic mode. I mean that’s sepsis. You can die from that. But the doctor was optimistic that it didn’t spread to my blood. They pumped me with antibiotics and said in about an hour depending on how I feel I can go home with some meds. 

Well, an hour passed and I wasn’t responding to treatment. At all. So I was admitted to the hospital for more testing. 
I got the dreadful news that even though nobody suspected blood infection, that was actually the reality. It spread from my kidney into my blood and I wasn’t leaving the hospital. Anyhow they began strict treatment and were monitoring me. 

First 2 days were hell. Fever was kicking my ass, so was the headache. It honestly feels like the flu but 10 times worse. I was so weak. The messed up thing is that when they give you the antibiotic they don’t know if it’ll work or if the bacteria will be resistant to it. So you try and hope for the best. By the third day I started to make progress. My white blood cell count normalized. Thank you God!!!!!
I was released 4th day from the hospital and am currently on an 11 day oral antibiotic therapy. I still feel weak and winded and low on energy. But I’m slowly getting my strength back. 
Who knew that a simple bladder infection can get so complicated and turn into something potentially life threatening? 
I know that with these common things we tend to put them aside and say ok I gotta go to work, school, wtvr, I’ll go see a doctor later. This isn’t a big deal. But no big deal can turn big real quick. Health always should come first. No matter what. Little things can become huge so please take care of it and prevent it. I could’ve prevented all of this, had I gone that Friday when I first felt something. 

Sometimes UTIs don’t even give symptoms so regular physicals are so important. I don’t know how slow or fast they can spread to kidneys or blood. 
Don’t be lazy to pee as soon as you feel the need to. Go right away! 

Drink plenty of water to flush out as much as you can. 

Wear cotton panties. 

Wipe front to back. 

All these thing may seem silly but believe me you don’t want to go through what I just experienced. 

I hope to be back to my regular posts this week! 

Much love and blessings to you all. 

Nina xo

12 thoughts on “Where the hell have I been? 

  1. Awww hunnni 😦 That must’ve been awful and so scary! As a teenager I had a bladder infection move to kidneys as well, the pain was terrible, but fortunately I got home from the hospital the same evening, just antibiotics and painkillers. But now every time I feel a slight discomfort I panic, cause I know what it can lead to!

    Thank God you’re better now, I’m sending you much love and big hugs you strong girl! And you look absolutely stunning on this photo! Xx

    1. Thank you hunni. I can see how you can be paranoid because I am too now and will be as I never ever want to go through this again. Lots of love ! Hope pregnancy is going better 💖

  2. I’m so glad that you’re ok and although you left it a while to get checked out that you did! So very proud of you for such an honest post. Health, mental, physical, sexual etc is so important and not one to take for granted! Continue to adore you. Congrats on the new job my love and I’m glad you’re ok! ❤️❤️ xoxo

  3. I’m glad that you are loving ur new career but most importantly I’m glad your ok ! Lovely post thank you for sharing

  4. Hey Nina, that story is crazy but I’m happy to hear that you are healed. Thanks for the health check heads up and congrats on your new job! You look absolutely stunning on this photo. Eyebrows, eyes, lips. Wow! What lipstick are you wearing by the way?

    1. Hey Sandra! Thank you. It was definitely pretty scary and insane. Thank God I’m better now. Thanks for the compliments girl 🙂 this lipstick is some cheap $2 Wet n Wild lipstick actually. I’m forgetting the name now but it’s a neon orange shade.


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