Skin care routine (updated)


I think that the best way to take care of your skin is to keep your routine basic and simple. The least amount of products you use, the better. Although I have rosacea and extremely dry skin, some of my products cater to that, the products and routine I apply, can be used by anyone. And best of all, my products are not fancy or expensive.


I still get some outbreaks and inflammation but they’re very rare.


So, my cleansing takes place at night time so that way in the morning, all I wash my face with is water and apply moisturizer.  In my opinion, I strongly believe that there is no need to clean your face at night and then again in the morning.


Here are the steps I take: ( you can find pictures of all the products below)


Night time cleansing:

  1. Remove my make up with make up wipes (Ponds Morning Refresh make up wipes with citrus and cucumber) They are not all natural and I am sure there are some better choices out there but these work for me and I have been using them for years.
    They have little exfoliating beads in them which are very gentle on your skin.
    They remove make up and dirt amazing and leave my face clean without being dry.

    When I feel like giving my skin a break from them, I simply use coconut oil and a cotton ball to remove my make up.

  2.  I wash my face with Cetaphil.
  3. I apply grapeseed oil as my night time moisturizer. I love this stuff. It leaves my skin so soft. It minimizes the redness or any spots I have and brightens up my complexion overall. It also has a very gentle and pleasant scent.

Morning time:

  1. Wash with luke warm water.
  2. Apply La Roche-Posay Rosaliac SPF 15 skin perfecting anti redness moisturizer

Then I apply my foundation.


I love VICHY products. So I also did use VICHY mineral balm moisturizer which I love but I would have to apply sunblock cream separately so I found that La Roche-Posay already has sunblock in it and it’s one less step I have to take, so I switched over.



Now when it comes to exfoliating, I have to be very careful with that because those with rosacea can’t use anything rough on their face as that will irritate your skin and make it more red.

I exfoliate once a week, sometimes twice, with coconut sugar and water. I just take a teaspoon of coconut sugar and a few drops of water to get it just pastey enough and gently scrub my face with it. I usually exfoliate at night and right after, apply grapeseed oil.


Just as fyi, I used to use baby wipes to remove my make up. I figured, they’re gentle enough can’t hurt me. But I was told by my skin care lady that yes although they’re gentle, they don’t have the right properties in them to tackle the dirt and residue and remove all the make up as deeply as a make up wipe does.




I’d love to hear some products you use or the skin care routines you use!


Nina xo

8 thoughts on “Skin care routine (updated)

  1. Trust me
    Try a low percentage glycolic acid chemical exfoliant… There’s no texture to it at all and it goes on like a cream or gel and gets that dead skin off like no one’s business. I use Caudalie Glycolic Peel once a week.


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