Red lips FOTD


“Don’t let your struggle become your identity”  or at least don’t let it show on your face 🙂 that’s my quote of the day. I have been going through some things lately but the easiest thing to do is let yourself go, and I refuse to do that.


Anyway, love a good red lip. My new favourite red is Jungle Red by NARS. I believe it’s a semi-matte texture. It has a nice creamy velvet texture to it.


It’s just the most perfect red shade. Lasting power is also great in my opinion. I’ve applied it softly in this particular look because I am at work and have to be somewhat subtle but this lipstick is definitely pigmented and can look much more intense.


I’ve kept my eyes simple, lining them softly with the Rimmel London ScandalEyes Khol Eyeliner.

Now, if you know me and been following my blog for a while you know I barely ever wear blush. I am more of a highlight and bronzer girl. I am not big on blush as I feel that combination gives me the look I like but also because of my rosacea my cheeks are forever rosey. But here I’ve applied blush actually as I felt a little pasty today lol


I am wearing Taos by NARS.


I am also having a good hair day today, if I may say so myself lol.


The two NARS products I’ve used :


Nina xo

4 thoughts on “Red lips FOTD

  1. This is why you will always be one of my fave bloggers! Just classic beautiful! Great look! I found an old message from you where you nominated me for a blogger award and you gave me a pep talk about not being discouraged about not getting many likes or followers on the blog! Such a great memory! You’re a doll Nina! Sorry for the long comment! 🙈 xoxo

    1. Girl you are the sweetest. Your words really meant a lot to me right now, you have no idea. And don’t ever be sorry for long messages, I love it. I am sending you the biggest hug right now! xo

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