I am back! (FOTD)


Hello beautiful people! I haven’t posted or done much of anything else for the past week and a half or so because I was so sick with the flu. I have never been this sick in my life.  I am now 80% better and have a feeling the other 20% will be a slow process. Today is my first official day back at work so here I am 🙂


I have been pretty much bed ridden and make up and fashion was the last thing on my mind. I’ve placed an order with Gerard Cosmetics about 3 weeks ago so when it finally arrived a few days ago it definitely brightened up my spirits.


I will do a full review of the products I got as well as my experience with ordering from Gerard Cosmetics so I won’t go into too much detail here.


Today I am wearing one of its lip glosses in Cocoa Bean and I must say I love it. I wasn’t sure if this shade would suit me but I really like it.


I still don’t have much energy so eyeliner, lashes and some highlighter is all I could manage.


I hope everyone is healthy. It’s the flu season I get it but here in Toronto it’s been really bad. I mean everyone I speak with almost is sick. This flu was no joke. The way my throat hurt was something out of this world on top of all the other aches I felt.


Stay healthy !!


Much love

Nina xo

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