Purple lips


Happy Monday ! I hope everyone had a great wknd. I finally have recovered from that terrible flu ugh! Anyway, purple is my favourite colour and I love purple lips.  I know it may be a bit much for some but I don’t shy away from wacky lippies.


I tend to keep my eyes simple when I wear any kind of bold lip colour. Such as here, with just eyeliner and mascara.


For my lips, I’ve mixed two of my favourite purple lip colours, NYX Macaron lippie in Violet and Maybelline Lilac Flush.


NYX Macaron Violet


Maybelline Lilac Flush

They are both cool toned purples, with a blue undertone. I don’t usually mix them, I wear them separately because both shades are gorgeous on their own but I do like this combination as well!


I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start. And if you hate Mondays remember:


Nina xo


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