NOTD: Still going nude


I remember when I used to post about nails almost every other day and I also remember when I was crazy obsessed with nail art. I mean, that wasn’t that long ago but it seems like ages because I  have not done any nail posts in a very long time and that’s simply because I do not do anything with my nails like I used to.


I have been wearing white and nude polishes. That is really it.


But white and nude is elegant and classy and you can’t go wrong with it. I shared with you a few of my favourite nude polishes a few posts ago but here is another: Essie Chinchilly – I’ve stayed within my grey/brown/beige look can’t you tell? 🙂


It’s a cool tone, gorgeous colour and I love it also because it’s appropriate for office. All you really need is two coats. It does not chip at all, which is always a good thing.


What are some colours you’ve been rockin this season?


Nina xo

2 thoughts on “NOTD: Still going nude

  1. I love essie, they’ve got some beautiful colors. 💕 “dont sweater it” and “miss fancy pants” are gorg you’d probably like them 😁👍🏼

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