Feelin’ “chili” : Lip of the day


I guess I can say lip of the month, as I find myself reaching for this lipstick almost every day. I can’t get enough of it. It’s perfect for the season. You can wear it without doing much else to your face and you look all done up!

MACChilli matte lipstick

I did a post on this and I’ll say this again – I don’t shy away from colour but orange is my least favourite. But this is such a gorgeous burnt orange shade. I also feel it can compliment any skin tone.


Anyhow, today I was pleasantly surprised as I thought it was Tuesday lol so it’s almost Thursday now and I am looking forward to the weekend as I am going to a cosmetic warehouse sale with my mom. So I am hoping to find some goodies and will definitely share them with you my loves. I don’t really NEED anything but a girl can never have too much beauty products, right?


Sending you all hugs.

Nina xo



6 thoughts on “Feelin’ “chili” : Lip of the day

  1. It is such a gorgeous color, and you look great! After seeing your pictures and how it looks, I finally decided to buy it!

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