FOTD: Curls and lilac lips


Lately I’ve been more so into playing up my lips rather than my eyes. I love a nice lip colour and as long as your eyebrows and lashes are on point, your entire face will look daytime ready. Since you will find me at the office during the day, these kind of simple looks are perfect.


On my lips I have NYX Power lipstick, which is one of my faves. It’s the extra creamy, extra buttery, extra velvety (you get the point…)


On my eyes I am wearing the NYX Purple Rain lip pencil. Even though it’s a lip pencil I used it on my eyes. I did a very thin line just enough to make it pop.



I hope everyone’s had a great wknd. I slept a lot which was the highlight of my weekend lol… Happy Monday yall.




5 thoughts on “FOTD: Curls and lilac lips

    1. Thanks girl 🙂 I completely did not even notice my nails were showing lol I was trying to hide them as two broke and I hate uneven nails lol but it’s Rimmel 60 seconds nailpolish in Mintilicious

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