I haven’t straightened my hair in so long!

IMG_7590I decided to straighten my hair yesterday, something I don’t do often at all and haven’t done in months and months. My hair has been falling out like crazy lately and I find that it gets so tangled and knotted more than ever before so I figured let’s straighten it and see what happens.  Maybe I’ll shed less!

Anyhow. I am able to run my fingers through my hair without having a fist full of hair today! So that’s progress I suppose. Not sure what is happening to my hair. Stress? Change of season? I haven’t changed any products I use so I don’t think that’s it. It’s literally falling out in chunks! I never had this before.


Anyway, this is Monday’s MOTD. Liner, lashes and a good bold lip. I am wearing MAC’s Rebel on my lips today. It looks a bit brighter than when I usually wear it because I am wearing it without the lip liner today.


Hope everyone’s had a great Halloween wknd!

Nina xo

3 thoughts on “I haven’t straightened my hair in so long!

  1. Sorry to hear about your hair love. It’s so frustrating when something like this happens and especially when you don’t know the cause of it, cause how can you fix it! 😦 xx

  2. Your hair looks great though. But just a tip – you may already know it – but taking amino acids (collagen) as a supplement will help your hair grow faster, and it’ll be healthier and stronger. I’ve been doing this for only 2 months and my husband commented on long it’s getting!


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