My ultimate FALL essentials

IMG_7372I love fall so much because it’ s not humid and hot outside so you are forced to wear the least amount of clothing as possible and it’s not freezing either so you are not forced to layer up. You have so many options in terms of fashion and clothing. These are my absolute fall essentials.

I really love cozy big sweaters that can be worn with tights as a regular sweater or with pantyhose and some knee high/thigh high boots, as a sweater dress.
The one in the picture is from Forever 21 and it’s exactly what I am talking about.

cardihanI am obsessed with cardigans. You can wear something so simple like black tights and a plain black tee, throw on a cardigan and you got yourself a nice outfit. They are so cozy and comfy and there are so many different styles now to fit everyone’s tastes. The one pictured here is also from Forever 21.

I think all ladies need a good pair of riding boots in their wardrobe. Fall is a must for these and definitely a must for me. I love these MK ones because they are good for every day on to go but you can dress them up as well.


Fall is really the time of year when we don’t wear hats so much because we need to, to keep warm but mainly for fashion, to accessorize. My choice this fall would be a hat such as the one pictured above (from H&M).



Another important fall accessory are scarves. Again not so much to keep you warm but to accessorize with. I love anything fur so the black one is a must for me, but then again I love animal prints too so …. 🙂

Lipstick (fall shade)

Last but definitely not least, is a good lipstick in a gorgeous deep fall shade. This can be anything mauve, deep red ,orange or purple, brown, or nude…. but one of my absolute faves is MAC Rebel.

I’d love to know what some of your fall essentials are. Do you have one ore more fall staple items. Please share!


7 thoughts on “My ultimate FALL essentials

  1. I am searching for this kind of hat too! I just saw this one at H&M but wasn’t fully convinced yet. I only have like one beanie and that’s it, so I’m in a desperate need of hats for this winter 😀


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