Tuesday MOTD


I finally woke up early for work today! Yes finally, because I am always late, well, for everything. It’s actually a very bad trait. I am working on it! Anyway, waking up earlier means having a bit more time to do my make up of course lol.

I tend to keep my make up as subtle as possible while at the office. That doesn’t mean I stay away from colour, because I do wear red lips, bright pink, etc but then I keep eye make up down to a minimum, meaning only some mascara.

Today I felt like doing my eyes, so I paired it up with a nude rosey lip.


Is it the weekend yet???? Gosh. This week is dragging and I am in need of a serious vacation.

Nina xo

4 thoughts on “Tuesday MOTD

  1. This week is dragging, but where the hell has October gone, it’s practically the end already O.o You look so beautiful with this makeup, hair pulled back looks very sleek *.*


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