Obsessed with Fall Coats

IMG_7078I love fall. I can’t say that enough and it is because everything looks so beautiful outside but also I because I love and live for the fall fashion! I really love coats and fall jackets ONLY, I am not talking about heavy winter coats by any means. These are my three favourite coats I’ve been wearing this season.

First it’s a classic trench coat in a beige neutral colour. I think every woman needs one of these in her wardrobe. It’s classy and chic and just one of those staple items.

IMG_7076It doesn’t come with a belt attached but it does come with one, so you can tie it around any way you like or just leave it without, which I really like having the option of both. Sometimes when the belt comes attached, you really have no choice you have to wear it or it looks like something is missing.


Second, it’s this bell bottom black and grey leopard print. I really love this one, well because I love animal prints, but it’s still classic due to the darker colours and I like the style of it. Even though you are covered and wearing a coat, it gives you flattering shape.

IMG_4894Lastly, I am not exactly sure how to describe this one, but I guess you can say the style is Chanel inspired. It’s a classy tweed, beige and dark brown coat. It’s a wider cut, only has one button around the collar and then it’s all open. Love this one !


Do you have a favourite fall fashion item? Another one I’d have to say is scarves!

Hope everyone has an amazing wknd!

Nina xo

One thought on “Obsessed with Fall Coats

  1. I love the last one, it’s very unique and cool! I agree about the belt, not only with coats but sometimes also dresses have the belt holes or whatever they’re called and if you don’t wanna wear a belt then they are just hangin’ there :/


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