Orange lips for fall

IMG_6879I generally really dislike the colour orange and never wear it on my lips. I don’t shy away from colour by any means but orange is just not my thing. However, the other day I was mixing my lipsticks (hence my previous post – vampy look, where I created that gorgeous dark colour) and I wasn’t going for orange but that came out and I loved it!

The lipstick I created is this photo right here. I mixed MAC R.E.D. and MAC Japanese Maple nude lip.


After that, I was on a hunt for a perfect orange lipstick. I wanted something deep but still vibrant and matte. And so I got Chili by MAC. I love this colour. It’s a perfect burnt orange shade, that’s appropriate for fall and every day wear. It’s also a matte finish.



I heard that this is their most popular orange lipstick and I can see why. I am not sure if orange lips go quite good with my burgundy hair but I’ve been obsessed with this lipstick and wear it every single day lol. I said I would never be caught dead with orange lips, but here I am.


What do you guys think about orange lips?


9 thoughts on “Orange lips for fall

  1. When i read orange lips – this is not what I thought of – but this looks great and not at all the orange i had in mind!

  2. I’m exactly the same about orange, but I’d like to try an orange lippie. This one from Mac looks great, it’s orange enough but not too much. I think that orange lips looks great with red, even burgundy red hair πŸ™‚


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