Hair colour change (fall edition)

IMG_6479Even though I said I wouldn’t touch my hair for a while as I really liked my ombre and also because I wanted it to heal and grow some more, but not touching it for 6 months is a while, right? Anyway, I wanted a deep burgandy which I love but it’s especially suitable for fall and winter. Yes I do change my hair colour according to seasons 🙂

Due to the fact that I had ombre and it was three different shades, the burgandy came out like that too, which I really like. So it goes from dark and deep to slightly more vibrant in the middle and the ends are the brightest.


I actually used a drug store colour – L’Oreal Feria Power Violet




6 thoughts on “Hair colour change (fall edition)

  1. LOVE this colour – it looks great on you. I was addicted to these shades last year and was red for years – then became addicted to OMBRE!!!

    I killed of my ends with the bleach and went dark brown – a month on I’m missing it 😦 – looks like I will be reaching for the Ombre box very soon lol

    1. Thank you :). I also had red hair for 10 years on and off. And no matter what I changed it to would always find myself back to red. But yes bleach killed my curls and it’s a long process to heal it back but just as I start to get my hair healthy again I find myself bored and reaching for a new colour lol I’m glad you understand lol


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