My first curly hair cut experience

IMG_6148If you have curly hair and you never got a curly hair cut – you need to! ASAP. It transformed my curls from limp, tired and loose into tighter, more live and bouncy curls. I will never go to a regular hair salon again after visiting Curl Ambassadors in Toronto.

I was aiming to get a deva hair cut but since the day of my appointment we had an insane pour down I reached the salon soaked. I also had a lot of product in my hair so my hair dresser Sasha had to wash it out and cut my curls wet. Some of you may be wondering well how are you supposed to cut hair other than wet?? Well the curly hair cut method or deva hair cut is a technique used by Devachan Salon for cutting curly hair. The hair is cut in its natural dry form and each strand of curl is tended to individually.

IMG_6120So Sasha told me she would’ve cut my hair dry but due to my hair already soaked and having quite a bit of oily product she’d have to wash it. I got a hydrating treatment too. It’s extra and you don’t need to get it but I did because my hair is still damaged from bleach.

What I loved is that she did not pressure me to cut a certain amount of my hair, and she listened to what I said. I explained my hair history and she took it from there. I cut off only about 2 inches. She took her time and cut each strand of hair according to the way that specific strand falls. Which is unusual, because as you know most times, stylists will take a section and cut that way.

I got some great tips from my stylist as well, as she walked me and explained each step she was doing.


Once she rinsed my hair, while still soaking wet, without squeezing any water out, she made me flip my hair forward and she put product in, while scrunching it. By doing so she was squeezing out the water. I have never done my hair this way. I would normally squeeze out most of the water and then apply product and scrunch.

By leaving all the water and applying product that way, it clumped my curls together better and it retained the product better.

She diffused my hair , hair flip forward, one side, other side and while diffusing she scrunched each section again.

I wish I took photos as I went along but I didn’t know what to really expect but I definitely will next time I go.

One thing is, when I diffuse my hair I am really rough. I do it fast and I move the blow dryer too much which creates frizz and doesn’t shape the curls as nice. She really took her time and did it section my section with minimum movement.

You can see in my first photo how loose my curls were and the second how much together they are. Keep in mind that day was very humid so the weather will still create some frizz but I love it.


If you have curly hair and you live in Toronto area, I suggest you visit Curl Ambassadors and get yourself a curly hair cut. I am going for another trim in December.

My hair is far from perfect and far from my natural curl pattern due to many bleaching sessions and hair colour changes but it’s definitely come a long way. I wish I appreciated what God gave me or my mama, lol but I went through most of my life hated my curls and only when I lost them I appreciated them.

Nina xo

10 thoughts on “My first curly hair cut experience

  1. I love your curls! I wish we were friends back when you hated them, I would’ve told you every day how awesome they are! I’m happy you found a great place for your hair, the curls really look much tighter and more defined and you look beautiful as always ;*

    1. I know! When I was growing up in Croatia most of my friends had straight hair and all I ever wished for was the long sleek pony tail! I used to cry to my mom and she’d say no curly hair is beautiful people pay to have it. I’d say well those people are stupid lolol that’s me at 12 years old!


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