Laced up ;)

IMG_6147For the Labour Day long weekend I went to a boat cruise party, which was so much fun. I love boat cruises, even on our smelly lake Ontario. I just pretend to be in Bahamas somewhere, but anyhow! I’ve been really into lace lately, so when I saw this one piece online at Fashion Nova I needed it in my life!

I love one piece suits.


I ordered it online ( I believe their only actual store is in California somewhere) and I couldn’t be more happier. The jumper is lined underneath with nude silky lining, but only as far as shorts would go. The legs are bare, so it creates a really sexy illusion.

The neck line is pretty deep and revealing but a little cleavage never hurt nobody!


I paired it up with peep toe nudes, but mainly because I had to be comfortable on the 6 hour boat cruise, which ended up not being the case, as I still can’t feel the bottom of my feet entirely! Ahh beauty is pain, right?

I love FashionNova website. I will definitely be ordering them again. I wanted more stuff but I wanted to see the quality and their fit first. I am very pleased. Check them out!


3 thoughts on “Laced up ;)

  1. pls xcuse my French but f*** me u r sexy!! DAMN!! u r gorgeous an u look SLAMMIN in this outfit. wow. head to toe. ur body is unreal an I really like ur hair. x x x 😉


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