(FOTD) Holding onto fresh and summery tones a little while longer

IMG_5531Although I wasn’t too much into bright colours and vibrant tones this summer (shocking, I know!) I am still sad that summer has pretty much come to an end here in Toronto. Days are still nice and warm but nights are quite cold 😦

Eyes:  Essence quattro eyeshadow To Die For. Just using the lightest shade all over the eyelid and light brown very lightly blended in the outer corners.

Lips: NYX Power lipstick. One of my favourites. The best lilac shade ever.

Face: VICHY dermablend stick foundation and MAC Warmsoul blush

IMG_5549Nina xo

7 thoughts on “(FOTD) Holding onto fresh and summery tones a little while longer

  1. You look beautiful hun ^.^ The nights are getting colder here too. I am excited for fall, but even the slightest cold gives me headaches so that sucks. I already slept with a hat and a light scarf, I don’t even feel the cold yet but my head does. So annoying :/ I don’t know why did I come under your beautiful post to complain ahhahaaa sorry love xx

    1. Sorry love. I somehow missed this! You can come vent here anytime you want! I am also excited for fall. Let’s hope we actually have it here and dont’ fast forward to winter 😦 Why does your head get cold so easily? I remember you saying this before.

      1. I wish I knew why. Maybe I’m just getting old lol But as a teenager I walked home in the middle of winter with -10 to -15 degrees with wet hair quite a few times. In the winter it doesn’t rain so we didn’t have much water in our well and we went to take showers in our neighbours house. I was a smoker so I always left before to smoke a cig before my parents came home. Might of fucked up something back then :/

      2. Omg I remember growing up my mom was always very strict on me blow drying my hair and if she saw me with wet hair she would start freaking out. And she would tell me how she had a friend who one time walked to school fresh out of shower wet hair and all and she got s really bad headache and some sort of brain paralysis and her mouth shifted and it was like by her ear. I thought my mom was trying to scare me and just being a mom. Until a few years ago I got a head cold n ended up in the hospital n it’s cuz I slept with wet hair in a cold room and it’s like I had a week long brain freeze. Mammu it was the worst pain!

      3. Omg that is fucking scary!!! Now I’m freaking out :S I need to do some googling on how to fix it (even though they say the best way to convince yourself your dying google symptoms lol)


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