Red lips give me life! (FOTD)

IMG_5471One of my favourite and go to looks is winged eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick…. oh and a bit of bronzer too. I love this look. I think it’s timeless, and suitable for any situation, and anyone can wear it!


I know that not everyone feels like they can pull off red lipstick and many ladies stay away from it but really, yes you can! You just have to find the shades that suit your skin tone and rock it!

I used to think I look funny when I wear red lipstick. So I would put it on and just before I leave the house wipe it off. Until one day I said screw it and went through with it and it’s strange because wearing red lipstick gives you such confidence boost and you feel so feminine and sexy.


I have quite a collection right now. The one I am wearing today, is by Revlon. Funny thing, the name is Love That Pink but it’s not really pink at all. It’s a really bright coral leaning towards orange/red. It’s super creamy and feels great on the lips.

love-that-pink-435This week already seems awfully long. It is dreadful. Summer is coming to an end and before you know it no more skirts and pretty dresses, bright tones and all that fun stuff. I really do love fall but here in Toronto it seems to skip us and go straight to blizzard weather and -40C yet I still hope every year, as I love fall fashion.

Have a lovely day beauties.

Nina xo

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