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I haven’t done a tag in a while so here is one to start the week off! I hope you enjoy 🙂

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Thank you my sweet Mammu girl ❤

  1. What type of skin do you have? Which skincare products are a must for you?

I have extremely dry skin. A good moisturizer is a must for me. Something thicker in consistency to really work itself good into my skin and keep me hydrated throughout the day. I use Vichy Mineral Balm and love it.

2. What type of foundation do you prefer? Your favorite?

I prefer a really creamy foundation, again due to my skin being so dry. I also like the dewey look. My favourite is by Vichy as well, Dermablend. Love Love!

3. Do you have dark circles? Imperfections? Which are your favorite concealers for each?

OH hell yeah I got dark circles ! And I also have rosacea so I got redness too. I got it all lol

I like Maybelline Lumi concealer, I feel it covers the black circles really well. I only use the concealer under my eyes. For my rosacea and blemishes, I just apply the Vichy foundation and it covers it all up. No need for extra products to be caked on.

4. Do you use powder to set your foundation? The same for under eyes and face? Your favorite powder?

I actually don’t. I like to keep my face as bare as possible. Well I mean, I like to stick to one or two products, which is normally foundation. I used to use Vichy setting powder but I don’t like the matte look that powders give you. I like a litle shine and dewiness. (that’s so not a word, but you get it. 😉

5. How are your eyebrows? Do you draw them? Your favorite product to define them?

I actually love my eyebrows. They’ve come a long way. I dont naturally have a lot of hair there and over the years they have receded even more so. I like to use either powdery stuff or a pomade when I fill in my brows because I feel that those products give you the most natural look. I definitely do not draw them on and I don’t like when they are drawn on as it looks fake and unnatural.

Currently, I use Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade in dark brown.

6. What do you use the most: eyeliner, pencil or kajal? Your favorite?

I use a liquid eyeliner by Rimmel on top eyelid and then Rimmel crayon pencil on the lower lid. I also like the Essence pencil. I call them crayon because they are not a regular pencil and more of a creamy substance.

7. How are your eyelashes (short, thick, etc)? Your favorite mascara?

Hmm. I guess they are ok. Not as thick or long as I’d like them to be and they are OK. My favourite mascara is L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara. This mascara is the truth!

8. Do you use more shiny or matt lipsticks? Your favorite lipstick?

I use them all! I love all kind of lipstics! I am a lipstick hoarder. It is impossible to choose a favourite gosh. Can’t even do it. If I name one, it’s over, I’ll be here for a month naming my ‘favourite’ lipsticks.

9. If you could choose between bronzer, blush and highlighter which would you choose? Your favorite for every category?

Hmm.. probably bronzer. I love a highlighter too but I’d go with bronzer because it can still give a nice glow to your face like a highlighter would but also add a bit of tan and colour.

My favourite bronzer is by GOSH, Giant Sun Powder. It’s the perfect gold shade. I love it.
My favourite blush is Warm Soul by MAC.
My favourite highlighter Opal by Becca.

10. What kind of eyeshadow do you prefer? Which one is your favorite?

I used to be obsessed with eyeshadow and would not feel complete unless I had eyeshadow on but in the recent years I barely wear eyeshadow. I like more matte eyeshadows and yes yes I am boring and don’t have a favourite one.

11. Write your 1-2 must have products.

I’d say mascara and bronzer.

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9 thoughts on “Tag: You and your make up

  1. Ooh I loved reading this! I am not that great with makeup but I will sure give this tag a go. I hope you love reading my post once it is done <3.

  2. Yayy for doing the tag 😆 Telescopic mascara was my previous favorite before trying the Kiko Ultra Tech. Telescopic gives amazing length, I always got questions and compliments when I wore it 🙂 😘😘😘

      1. I love Kiko! Most of the stuff I’ve tried is good quality and it’s not that expensive. It’s not high end neither drug store (how would you call it?). They just recently expanded in all Europe (it’s an italian company) and also shops are appearing in US. I’m sure it will be available everywhere soon enough, for now I think the online shops only deliver in Europe, but you should check I haven’t been on their site for a while.

      2. Italy is the same, they don’t have so many products rest of Europe has, even from the brands they usually sell 😦 You get excited for a new collection and it doesn’t come for sell. So annoying


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